Rory MacDonald is only 72 hours removed from his Fight-of-the-Night performance and unanimous decision victory over Demian Maia at UFC 170, and is wasting no time in seeking his next match.

By way of his Twitter account, today, MacDonald has asked the UFC to pair him with the winner of next month’s Hendricks vs. Lawler bout.

On the 15th of March, the duo are set to square off in Dallas to see which of them will lay claim to Georges St. Pierre’s (vacated) welterweight belt.   

The UFC 171 show will pit Robbie Lawler’s formidable stand-up and power, against the tremendous wrestling and KO right hand of Johny Hendricks, leaving the 170 pound class with its new champion.

However, what’s unclear right now is who that new champion will face in their first title defense. As such, MacDonald is stepping up to the plate and trying to grasp the brass ring.

At 7 – 2 in the promotion and coming off of a solid win, MacDonald is a suitable candidate for a title shot. Ranked at number four in the division, ‘Ares’ sits directly behind the number three ranked Lawler and just back of number one ranked Johny Hendricks.

However and sitting in the middle of that pact is number two ranked Carlos Condit, and ‘The Natural Born Killer’ will be making his own title shot bid at the UFC 171 card. Indeed, a number of other welterweights will be doing the same.

Condit is fighting Tyron Woodley in the co-main bout and should Woodley take the win, and particularly by putting ‘TNBK’ away, he may well steal Condit’s chance at title shot consideration.

Sitting below the co-main is the Jake Shields vs. Hector Lombard match. Lombard is the overwhelming favorite in this fight and as he looked great in his last outing – a round one KO of Nate Marquardt, his debut fight in the division  – an impressive win over Shields could well earn ‘Lightning’ the title nod.  For that matter, if Shields were to somehow put Lombard away, he too, might earn the green light.

All in all, these are heady days in the welterweight division, and with the class getting tighter at its top, MacDonald is wise to be proactive in declaring his intentions. That said, he’d be well served to keep doing it. 

As there are a number of contenders on the Dallas card and any one of them may impress more than Ares did last Saturday in Las Vegas, MacDonald’s title shot dreams may hang more on the outcomes of those fights, than his ‘tweets.’