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Ronda Rousey to Frank Mir: “I can’t watch your armbar highlights”, talks HBO real sports


Ronda Rousey tells Frank Mir his submission win over big Nog is the only Armbar highlight she cant watch, as she talks how her life has changed and HBO Real Sports.

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  • I hope rousey gets her shit broke im talking that face beat the fuck in. fuck her and fuck all female fughters they need to get fucked

    • You're just pi$$ed of because these girls have bigger balls than you. They have the balls to step in to the octagon. Have you ever rolled or sparred with a women? Hell, I bet you never been inside a gym.

      Women don't have the same strenght p4p as men do. But that is the only area they can not compete with men. Serious female fighters usually train harder than men because they train with men and somehow feel they have to.

      And to all you numbnuts who question why a female fight is headlining. Well it's because it's a title fight and BECAUSE IT'S THE BIGGEST THING TO HAPPEN IN THE UFC SINCE 1993!!! How can you not see how big this is for the sport of mma? Is it perhaps because you have no interest in the sport of mma, you just like watching guys beat on each other. You have no respect for the sport of mma, not for the male fighters and not for the female because you know nothing about the sport. You've never fought, you don't know what it takes. You're just a puny fan boy. So please show some respect to the people that have got the guts and heart to step in to the octagon so that you might enjoy their fights from your couch.

      • jrhill is a man possed by a woman, even though hes a man he still dont have a balls2 fight lyk a man. he still fight lyk a girl, he even lost to arm wrestle a little pig.


        You make great points, no reason to go off the deep end. It's not even in the top ten.

        • Tell me one thing that is bigger for the sport of MMA than the biggest promotion promoting a female fight?? It's a big freaking step towards making MMA a legit sport. It's just as a big deal as if womans martial arts was to be forbidden, only this is something positive. The UFC has oppened the door for generations of new fighters, female fighters. I don't care one bit if the fans don't like it, it's good for mma. This may reduce the number of mma fans, but it will raise the number of mma practitioners. And after all it is the practitioners, not the fans that make mma.

          These women are top athletes. They deserve to be treated as such. If you don't like it don't watch. They still deserve to headline, and they sure as hell have earned the right to be on the UFC.

          • Sorry to tell you bro, but this female fighting in the UFC thing probably isn't going to last that long. The fact of the matter is that, whether you agree with it or not, a good portion of men don't want to see women fight for whatever reason. You have to remember that while MMA is a sport, the UFC is a business.

          • That's true, but that doesn't mean that these lady's don't deserve the same respect as the men. That's why I wrote " If you don't like it don't watch". If you don't like it, leave it at that. Don't come on here and show disrespect. Female fighters put there body through the same abuse the men do, they put in the same hours at the gym, on the mat and in the octagon. Plus the abuse from insecure idiots like jrhill4189. If you really love the sport of mma, you should support this. Women in the ufc is gonna wake up a lot of young females that are gonna want to train in mma. And lets face it the more women we get involved in any martial arts, the better. Women in the ufc is huge. And Rousey and Carmouche are great fighters and incredible athletes that deserve this because of that. I can see the ufc taking over invicta if this doesn't go their way. Like it or not female mma is here to stay, and that's great for mma.

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    • Jrhill= Guy who went to one BJJ class and got tapped by a female white belt and never went back…Clearly an insecure, pussified douchebag here…

      • Whats up HB? That dude hates everything Im pretty sure.

    • You're a waste of skin.

    • hahahaha I do train that's why I wish id see her id beat her face in myself! its koo carmouche is gonna fuck her up.. dam I just hate women fighting they don't need to be so when rousey gets her face beat like jds im talkin liips fat cant wait when that happens whell retire because girls a botches and if there face got beat like jds they would freak the fuck out all those female MMA fighters are good for is laying on there back to get fucked by DANA white and the fertitas at the same time

      • Have you ever heard of punctuation? Loser.

    • Dude?

  • jrhill4189, I'd like to see what your face would look like after 30 seconds in the octogon with her. Why doesn't the rating system have a "jackass" button?

  • What a coincidence. I was just thinking that by the time Rousey hits her 30's she'll probably look like Chum Lee….

  • I watch this interview and the only thing going through my head is….what the F##K is that fat, bloated, cheese curd eating, talentless, fake, faux, "reality-TV-star"…..Chumlee, doing at this event….and…why would anybody want to stick a microphone in his face and interview him?

    "Yes, Chumlee…what do you think about the growth of MMA and do you yourself train in MMA?"

    …and everyone bursts out laughing.

  • fap fap… I mean great interview.

  • the hype train will get derailed sooner or later,then Dana will have to look for another cow to milk! and they better sign Marloes Coenen to the UFC,give credit where credit is due!!!

  • I'de be happy to take her out for a date….Here Rhonda you need more alcohol. 8))

    • Just hope that she's not an angry drunk. šŸ˜‰

      • @ Dude

        Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! šŸ™‚

      • Let's hope she is šŸ˜‰

    • @ Entity

      Ha! Ha! Ha! šŸ™‚

  • Ronda, just shut up and fight. Don't try and relate.