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Ronda Rousey thinks GSP is only known because he’s Canadian and handsome


It’s no doubt that Ronda Rousey has made some serious waves since acquiring the Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight championship in March of last year. In fact, since she has parlayed that opportunity into the entire creation of a UFC Women’s division with her as the titleholder, one could argue that few fighters, if any, have had that kind of impact upon the sport before a year as champion was up.

But others may argue that Rousey hasn’t faced top competition, that her opponents never had a chance to deal with her ferocious throws and armbars. She certainly is a finisher, having won every single bout in the same way, and also in the first round.

It’s this mindset that has recently led to her coming out with some quite brash statements concerning a man who is derided every single day for playing it safe:

“I respect Georges St. Pierre as a businessman and an athlete. I don’t have anything against him personally. But he’s not the kind of fighter I like watching. He fights to win matches. He doesn’t fight to defeat his opponents.”

Stating this in a recent interview with Las Vegas Review Journal, Rousey likens the strategy of GSP to many a fighter she had encountered in her illustrious judo career:

“I lost a lot of judo matches because of points fighters. It was extremely frustrating for me. And when I see that same style being played out in a different sport, it brings out the same reaction in me.”

So that reaction may be understandable, and it is definitely not a point of view on GSP that hasn’t been reiterated countless times before.

As the interview went on, the topic of conversation seemed to shift to Rousey’s undeniable appeal to MMA fans as an attractive woman. Rousey was asked about the effect that has had on her success, and that’s when a “new” point of view concerning GSP arose:

“I’m like, ‘Dude, if GSP was butt ugly, you wouldn’t want to know who he is so much.”

“I think he lucked out a lot that he’s Canadian. I love Canadians. They are the coolest, nicest, most patriotic people, and they will support their countrymen no matter what, and I think that’s commendable.”

“But if GSP wasn’t really good-looking, and really Canadian, he would be really unknown.”

Georges St. Pierre certainly undergoes a lot of scrutiny for his tactical safety and lack of exciting finishes in recent years. It is frustrating to watch at times for many fans. Fans pay their hard earned money to see the excitement of the UFC, not a one sided wrestling match. 

But it can be argued that he is fighting the top Welterweights at all times, and guys like Carlos Condit are tough to finish. He would have had to rip Dan Hardy’s arm off to submit him, and Josh Koscheck was pretty much out on his feet with a broken orbital bone.  So the discussion could go either way.

Rousey’s claims may be a bit outlandish. Does GSP’s Canadian heritage help his popularity? Yes, without a doubt. Is it the reason for his success however? I doubt that. As far as his good looks go, sure, that may help an athlete out in the long run, as he is in the public eye quite often. Again, is it the motivating factor for his success as a fighter? I seriously doubt that as well.

She is popular for sure, but the initial ticket sales for UFC 157, where she headlines against Liz Carmouche in her UFC debut, have been less than stellar. Perhaps she is trying to drum up some hype with these statements. Or maybe it’s just her point of view. One thing is for sure: St. Pierre, like Rousey, will remain champion until decisively beaten, and it’s hard to argue that good looks make any one fighter a true champion in MMA.

What are your thoughts on her comments? 

  • if gsp was ugly, anderson silva would be considered a ninja jedi from another dimension.

    gsp is overrated and BORING!

    • so many canadians on lowkick!!

      any reputable mma media outlet of fan has gsp as #3 #4 p4p!!

      • so you admit he is the the #3 BEST FIGHTER ON THE ENTIRE PLANET.
        Your saying he is the third best person at fighting out of 7 billion people in the world….
        and you class that as OVERRATED????

        Get a grip dumbass

        • @ Keith

          Good News / Bad News for Rousey

          Good news – due to her comments One More Crappy Post is now her fan.

          Bad News – the moment she loses or stops finishing every fight, One More Crappy Post will no longer be a fan.

          It's the double-edge sword that is One More Crappy Posts, fandom.

        • This from a twit who has six fights. The only reason anyone knows her is that Dana has a hard one for her.
          Nice try at being relevant.

          • @DKM – no kidding. You're right. Does she think she would have half her popularity if she was ugly?

          • Regarding Rhonda….Thats the pot calling the kettle black

      • blah…blah…blah….I hate GSP….blah…blah…blah…GSP sucks…blah…blah…blah…GSP is boring…blah…blah….blah

        We get it. You hate GSP.

        • In my opinion:

          Silva > GSP
          Jones > GSP
          Aldo > GSP

          • Boy is he handsome ;). But seriously he is a great fighter. And second on the p4p list. Jones is close even thought i think he sgould fight at heavyweight. Aldo is explosive athlete but alot of his fights in the ufc were not impressive besides the last one. Style or w/e the case he wins against top guys in his weight class. Is very dominate in doing so. Yes he is marketable that doesnt take away what he has done in the ufc.

      • Your comments gave me? cancer.

      • Or so many people that aren't mindless haters. One or the other.

    • GSP fights much higher calibre competition than Silva. He don't go chasing donkeys when he has thoroughbreds in his stable. Only the sad pathetic WWE converts and idiots and blind people claim GSP to be over rated or boring. You must wank off to posters of GSP on your wall saying to yourself "I am soo jealous GSP, you're the man GSP, you make me feel so small GSP, is that why my cock's so small GSP? I gotta slag you because you make me feel this way GSP, blah blah blah" you are nothing but a troll hater. Fuck off and stay fucked off. No one wants you on lowkick other than your clone accounts.

      • i thought i was on reddit for a moment there lol

      • Azzkika's comment was so completely stupid but because there are so many people at his level of thinking it's popular. It would really bother me if these people were foolish because they are canadian.

    • …blah…blah…blah.

      • @ MMA Truth its your shortest comment!!!!

        • @ Ak

          I write shot comments all the time, man. Little quips and such. All the posts are not long, come on.

          However, I'll jump on the band-wagon with everyone else, though and click you (up) "Funny".

    • @onemoreround: 1. Silva is already considered a ninja jedi from another dimension and the greatest fighter in the history of man. 2. You are correct that GSP is overrated and boring.

      • Rousey, my new second favorite female fighter, doesn't do a lot of sugar coating, she calls it the way it is. If you're a lay-&-pray artist, she will definitely call you out on it. Way to call out this guy on his "safety first" kind of mentality, Rousey.

        P.S. If you play around, Miesha, Rousey will take me from you – Lol haha.

    • "ninja jedi from another dimension"

    • is she saying this cause she trains with twitle dee and tritle dumb ,..
      cause Ive never seen her completely dominate a stand up fight
      not that she cant just saying cause its like calling kettle black …
      as soon as as more women have better BJJ defence she could be
      in trouble and im praying Twitle dumb will take the fight to him cause
      with Carlos he didnt I just want someone to back what they say and
      take the fight to GSP..!!!! and shut up about how he isnt a good fighter,…
      then damn it go kick his ass for phuck sake there is two in a fight….go fight
      everyone says there going to then are scared once in the cage

    • her ass has submitted me

    • The first 2 comments were pretty accurate, but it's REALLY bad form for a champion who has NO chance of fighting, to deride another champion, that's pretty close to cowardly actually.

      I mean i know alot of canadian that are really ignorant regarding how good GSP is, and i'd be surprised if that's the reason for stupidity here, but how dare she say the last part?

      The ONLY reason anyone really knows who she is,is because she mouths off and looks decent. I wish Gina carano would show up and kick her ass, everytime she speaks it's so irritating, like sonnen in a skirt with an armbar.

  • Are onemoreretard and Honda Housey actually the same person?

    • @GOW

      no we just "are brutally honest" sorry to interfere on your MAN CRUSH.

      • @ One More Crappy Post

        I find it ironic that you'd raise the issue of a "man crush", while your avatar is a picture of Bruce Lee in a pair of micro-shorts.

  • Love that she speaks her mind on this, and, I agree: "But he's not the kind of fighter I like watching."

    • i hate watching his fights

      Silva vs. Sonnen II 925,000 ppv buys
      GSP vs. Condit 680,000 ppv buys

      thank you, but i am not a gsp hater, just an "mma purist" !!!

      • One More Crappy Post:

        You are no MMA purist. You are an internet twit, who only likes winners. You have stated so on this website. I can dig up the comment if need be. I believe you called yourself "realistic".

        As to PPV sales – overall, GSP is #1. Period. If the Condit bout was outsold, it was outsold on Sonnen's hype and an expectation of a similar match, as to their first. It was not. It was, for all-intents-and-purposes, a bore. One round of your fighter on his back…again, only fully mounted, this time and one minute, fifty-five seconds of crap in the second. The highlight of which, was Sonnen falling down and giving up.

        The Condit fight however, was 5 rounds of go and with The Champ nearly getting KO'd in the third. The audience got more than their money's worth.

        You see no reality, son. You just want to hate, for the sake of hating and I have no idea as to why you attend this site.

      • @onemoreidiot

        you are not a real MMA fan!!

        Basically everyone on this site agrees that you aren't a proper fan and none of us enjoy you being here… all you do is hate on a great.

  • super week end ronda vs gsp make it happen dana!!

  • "He fights to win matches, not to defeat his opponents" Now this may sound crazy, but what if I told you that winning a match and defeating your opponent were the same thing?

    • Not sure -___- if you trying to be a smart ass or just dont see her point, you right its the same because you won, so you defeated your opponent. but she's not talking about that kinda of defeat. She's talking about not fighting for points. 100% win like JDS did to Cain, Overeem beating Brock, Silva and Bonnar or Vitor, Aldo vs Mendes, those are some huge examples

      • @ diamond

        Yes, but she talks like she and any fighter with that attitude, can just go out there and win and the only way you can beat them is to run away / points fight.

        Well, if she and the Diaz brothers and their Gracie coach are all so great, why don't they just do what they say they can do, which is beat the holy hell out of people. Finish all comers. Yet, they have not and cannot. And if they are so good, then why didn't Nick have a solution for Carlos, to prevent the running away. This moronic logic.

        You either are a complete finisher, which no fighter is or you are not. A fighter cannot live in this BS world of rhetoric saying I'm better than this or that one. At least not when a fighter has finishes on hit / her record. And on that subject, Rousey's record is not weighty enough, long enough or storied enough, to be making these statements.

        If nothing else, it's one thing to trash talk a fighter in your own division, but it's another to do it outside your division and with no chance of encounter. I don't see Cain shooting his mouth off or anyone else, for that matter, (except Cormier) about how they can kick the crap out of people in lesser divisions. All of which they could. It's pointless. It's also classless.

        • why did people even hit "weak" on my comment lol its not like its not true, thats exactly what she meant lol

          and MMA Truth, that sounds like a question you should ask them,not me lol

          but as far as i know Rousey has finished everyone, and most in the first round and under 2 minutes even tho shes just starting, and Nick well, his finished a couple good fighters like Jacare, and Paul Daley one of the best stand up fighters IMO. Also you asked why he didt have a solution for Carlos, the answer is IDK im not Nick, BUT i think is because Carlos played it nice an cool and didt wanna bang like Nick likes too and Nick kept pushing forward but its kinda hard when the other guy is going backwards lol

          Also she was asked about what she felt about GSP and she gave her honest opinion, or cant we not give honest opinions anymore?

          its not like it hast been told and articles not written about GSP not being able to finish, its not like she's the first person to have an opinion about GSP's point scoring habit.

          i like GSP, i dislike the point scoring strategy but i do respect the hell out that guy, his fighting spirit his game plans and his respect for Martial Arts. That being said if someone asks you a question and you answer honesty and in a respectful manner like she did, thats having class and shouldn't be critique because the division you fight in or your record.

          • @dimond sorry dude not sure if you just typed his name by accident by Nick has not finished or fought Jacare. Not even in the same weight class

          • ooo snap you right man! idk i wrote Jacare but i was thinking of Cyborg, i guess because they fought in the same card but yea you right. either way Diaz finished the fight which was my initial point

      • But man, this is UF Championship not Street fight …
        This is the difference when GSP and Diaz talk about what they do.
        One says martial art is a way of life, the other one talks about fighting.

  • I like her fighting style… but… I've yet to enjoy anything that comes out of her mouth. Listening to her is like listening to the Diaz brothers give in interview… painful.

    No issues with GSP and his fighting style. Some fights are better than others…it is what it is.


  • Where to begin with this crap?

    I started out liking this fighter, but of late I have begun to wane her and these comments are really pushing me out the door of being a fan.

    I would call these remarks completely classless. They are the comments of a recently, former bartender, who now sits atop of a opposition-less division, belt-in-hand, having never fought or defended her "title" in The UFC. If we wish to be blunt and brutal, then I say her belt is worthless. She appears at best to be a master of one trick and in a sport, that, lets face facts, is in its infancy and devoid of a plethora of legitimate challengers. She certainly does not, nor has she ever had the army of confrontation that faces GSP in the 170 division.

    To state that he success is based on his being good looking and Canadian, one has to ask the question as to whether or not, she's been delving into Nick Diaz's stash. Yes, The Champ is both good looking and Canadian and as Mr. Drahota it has probably helped his popularity, but only because he is a successful native son and Canada happens to be an obsessed with all things MMA and The UFC in particular, it has had zero impact upon his success. Canadian fans support fighters from all over the world, including Ms. Rousey.

    However, here's the really crappy thing about her comments…GSP can't turn around and one, say F-You….because she's a girl. My guess will be that Rush will smile and say little. Why? Because like fighting the 70 year old man, right or wrong, he can't win. Again, she's a girl.

    And subsequently, because she is a girl and fights @ 135, he can't call her out. There's never going to be an opportunity for him to bitch-slap her ass all over The Octagon.

    For someone who is trying to build a division, grow a market and garner fans, these were all very silly remarks and from a very silly and immature girl. She simply comes across as a bitchy, self-absorbed, delusional, I'm greater than everyone else, only me, my friends, our fighting style, our opinions on whether or not we lost a fight, matter. And I say that's a pretty crappy "champion". No capital "C" required.

    If I was Faras Zhabi, I'd take a copy of Rousey's face and tape it over a picture of Nick Diaz's body and tape it to a heavy bag. On it….the date …03/ 16/ 2013

    Caption: See you ringside, bitch!

    • @MMA Truth…..GSP would be quietly applauding your comments if he was reading this forum…The champ doesn't deserve to be punked by Rhonda who has never fought a day in the UFC. GSP is great for the sport and is in argueably the most stacked division of all.

      • @ Enjoy

        Well, he is my boy. He's my favorite fighter in The UFC. I've liked him from day one. Regardless of that though, I'd stick up for any fighter in this situation, not just Rush. I truly think her remarks are childish and un-becoming a "champion".

        With that said though, a few of my remarks regarding her appearance are a little over the line, but as a child might say….you started it.

        I tell ya, Enjoy…she's losing me as a fan and she's probably going to lose a lot of support in Canada. If anything, this was a dumb business move.

        Cheers to you, for thinking so.

    • I hate all these Rhonda articles. They could quote this above mentioned text all over the net if it were up to me. Find the bar tender comparison striking!

  • Actually "Roudy" Rhonda, watching you armbar another chick in 30 seconds isn't exactly the most exciting thing to watch either…..not to mention the fact that you have no business appearing partially nude on the cover of any magazine, BUTTER face and all.

  • Honey if you were butt ugly you would not be in the UFC and would be relatively unknown

    • Actually, when she's not at weight, she's a chubby little thing. Rush, on the other hand, is buff all year long. He's never out of shape.

      She also has an ugly ass mole on her face! LOL!

      I can't stop starring at it, when I see her in an interview. She's like Fred Savage's character (Number Three) in Austin Powers Goldmember.

  • Ronda… you may be the best female fighter in the world but if you looked like you did back in your Judo days you would not be anywhere near where you are in terms of name value.

    You have built your career by armbarring some random fighters and two good ones over a couple of years but you have been propelled by using your looks to pose half-naked and get in the media spotlight.

    GSP has built his name, fame and fortune over decade long career of beating not just good fighters but world class ones and some of them were even top 10 fighters in the entire world when GSP destroyed them.

    I'm a fan of Ronda and how she has climbed in to the limelight is amazing but for her to rip on GSP is just either her being a dumbass or trying to get her name out there even more.

    • she still does, its the camo that hides the Truth

  • Don't forget that Ronda has trained with the Diaz brothers in the past and she is close with them so it makes sense that she would make these comments about GSP. Not only is she wrong but she's biased as well.

  • Carano vs Rousey Rousey would win ?! Still huge huge PPV !
    Would you watch it

  • Btw Rousey is a girl so read in to it!!
    This is her way of telling GSP that she thinks he's hot!
    Little girl with a crush's crie for attention ?

    • @ John

      I had a similar thought. She did make a point of stating that she thought he was good looking.

      It would be funny, if that's all GSP took from it.

      …Champ….did you hear what Rhonda Rousey had to say bout you?

      …Yez…I ave heard…that she thinks I am very good loooo-king.Merci to Rhonda.

  • Blame Matt Serra

  • "Ronda Rousey thinks GSP is only known because he's Canadian and handsome" AND lets not forget what he is actually known for…. Being the UFC WW champion…..

  • Rousey, I'm starting to like you more and more by the day, love. In fact, your feistiness is getting me @r0()$ed as we speak. Lol – It's official, I have a thing for beautiful feisty women.

  • Yeah Ronda, Gsp is the one who is popular cause of his looks… not you oh no you have proven yourself in the cage with 4 girls. And those 4 girls and im not kidding here i really think this, GSP would beat them all 4 at the same time. Finishing some girls and finishing the top welterweight guys in the world is a different thing ronda. Have some respect.

  • Hey Ronda, your an idiot.

  • "I'm like, 'Dude, if GSP was butt ugly, you wouldn't want to know who he is so much"

    Same thing for you.. If you hadn't your half-pretty face and hadn't su**** Dana you wouldn't be so popular.
    NO homo here but all the girls I know think that GSP is fucking good looking while men are split in your case. So first of all he fucking more talented than you, he's had much more success in a harder weight class, he looks way better and he's more popular. Thanks, bye bye rousey.

  • Has Rhonda been hanging out with Tyson Fury….It doesn't matter whether you are spanish, jewish or Japanese….Fighters are not respected on their looks, they are respected on their fighting style, their heart, skill set and attitude towards fans….How many people are from Canada and love fighters lije Wanderlie, a brazilian or some other fighter….Being a good looking guy in the sport helps with sponsorship, however from a fan perspective, guys just want to see two guys go after it in the cage. I am sure GSP gets female fans, but being good looking doesn't help him train, spar, and avoid injuries

    • She's been hanging around with Onemoreinferiority complex.

  • George will read this and think:

    "I am not care if she think I am boring. But she think I am handsome..! Oui ooouuiiiiiii!!!"

  • Wow, can someone please post a poll on this website that asks if their readers are Canadian, American, or Other? I have a feeling this site is 75% Canadian. I just can't accept there are this many GSP nut huggers in the US.

    • Or maybe 75% of the people in the world aren't idiots.

      • I take your are a Canadian and will defend GSP until the day you die. Thanks for the comment and proving my point. Silva > GSP. Aldo > GSP. Jones > GSP.

        • "it you are"

    • @ Jem

      What difference would it make if everyone on this site, save you, was Canadian? And if you hate it so much, why do you visit the site? Here's a better question, why don't you develop your own site and ban all GSP comment or references, together. You can post photos of all the divisional Champs and leave the 170 division sans a picture, at all. Doesn't that sound like fun and vastly more entertaining than what you are doing, now?

      Here's one poll we can take right now. How many assholes are in America…at least one. You. If there's two, then we'll have to wait for your girlfriend One More Crappy Post, to tell us whether or not he's American, too.

      Come up with something original. Come up with something worth saying. Come up with something other than tired old, re-hashed cliche's.

      And what gives with you and One More Round and GSP's nuts? Do you have an issue in that area, because you and OMCP are the only ones that ever raise the topic. Here's one thing I can tell you about George's nuts, they wear 5,000 dollar suits, drive expensive automobiles, travel first-class, have millions in dollars and millions in fans. Your nuts probably just have hair and One More Crappy Posts mouth, around them.

  • Yes, because us Canadians are know for standing out in a crowd.

  • STFU Ronda !!!!
    Remember your place!!!!

  • I understand that you wanna market yourself Ronda but you could do it in another way than playing "Stupid Blond girl" or posing nude in a magazine…
    grow up because you are mentally a teenager….

  • Ronda would never pose fully nude, because she wouldn't want everyone to know she's a easy target. 😉

  • It's funny, thie was like cat nip to the three biggest GSP haters here. Suddenly, they love Honda.

    PS: How funny is it that two of them have Bruce Lee for an AV, and he would have been a humongous fan of GSP. Yet, they hate on him every chance they get.

    • @ Evan

      Yeah, I noticed that too. What are the odds that the two of them would have (basically) the same avatar?

      Maybe they're dating.

  • George Safe Pierre.

  • @ Jem

    In terms of your relationship with One More Crappy Post, whose the man and whose the woman? Is it like fixed roles or do you "guys" switch it up?

  • that's funny she says that about his looks. I specifically remember seeing an interview with her when she was campaigning for a title shot and they asked her why she deserved it. I don't the remember the complete response but I know for fact one of her comments was because she is pretty. SMH the hypocrisy of a woman is never matched lol

  • Ronda is p4p best fighter in the world… If looks matter that is. Ahhhhh…. Ronda, beautiful, fierce, athletic, smart. I could go on and on. To bad she's a little young for me 😉

  • GSP is boring but if he is not that good someone should be able to dominate him….any takers??? Also Ronday would not be as famous if not sooooo goddamm fucking awesomely HOT (yes Ronda you give me massive bonners and I would love to increase your testosterone levels pre fight!!!)

  • This is why I never listen to women. I think if women fight in the UFC they should fight men.

    • Or at fight in the kitchen – right?