It has been one hell of a year for Ronda Rousey, the first ever women's UFC champion has been setting records in the world of MMA and has become a pioneer for WMMA. After beating Liz Carmouche to claim the Bantamweight crown, becoming the first female UFC champion and the first female TUF coach, making the cover of ESPN's anniversary edition-what more is there left to do?

Making Business Insider's list of top 50 women changing the world and Maxim's hot 100 is what Rousey has accomplished just this week. 'Rowdy' ranked no.42 on the business insider list and picked up an impressive 29th spot with Maxim's hot 100. Miley Cyrus claims the number one spot of the hot 100 list, but I know who I would rather share a cocktail with.

Rousey is certainly changing the world of WMMA for the better, her spot on TUF 18 opposite Cat Zingano will help push it even further in to the limelight where it should have been for years now.