Ronda Rousey Preps Her Wrestling Skills Ahead Of UFC 170

Ronda Rousey Preps Her Wrestling Skills Ahead Of UFC 170


Women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is the most dominant and successful female fighter on the planet. She has risen to those lofty heights ostensibly on the strength of her judo and ground fighting skills. Through eight professional matches Rousey has used her Olympic talents to throw and trash every opponent she has ever faced and in doing so, she’s made them all look very average.

However, this coming Saturday night at UFC 170 in Las Vegas that might change. On the night and at the event, Rousey will be facing Olympic wrestler Sarah McMann and for the first time in her fight career, fans might have pause to consider whether or not Rousey may have finally met her match.

McMann has the tools needed to beat Rousey and of course, the biggest one that she’ll be relying on is her formidable wrestling. In anticipation of dealing with McMann’s wrestling threat, Rousey has been working diligently on her own. To the point, she has been spending a great deal of time training with Olympian and world class wrestler, Martin Berberyan.

According to Rousey’s striking coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, Berberyan says that there is “no way any girl will be able to stop Ronda’s takedowns.” As Berberyan sees it, Rousey is simply too technical and to the point, that she even gives him (Berberyan) trouble.

Truly, Rousey is a great athlete and she’s never demonstrated any problems in taking her opponents down, but in her February 22nd match with Sarah McMann that might not be the question being asked. Instead, the question that’s likely to be asked is can Rousey prevent McMann’s takedowns and subsequent to that, stay off of her back?

For fans that have watched Rousey over the years, the answer to that question is probably ‘yes.’ However and that said, the champ is not one to rest on her accomplishments and as such, Rousey has been working diligently on improving her wrestling.

Regarding it all, the book on this fight might be the following, that if Rousey is capable of stuffing and reversing McMann’s takedown attempts then it’s apt to be a short night for the challenger. More to the point, if Rousey can dispatch the Olympian and as easily as she’s dealt with all of her other opponents, then she may well be unstoppable. As Rousey’s dream is to go undefeated in her career, a victory over McMann might be solid proof that it’s possible for Rousey to achieve that goal.

Here’s Ronda working out with her wrestling coach, Martin Berberyan.

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  • Entity

    Longing for the day Rousey gets her face punched in.

    • Brian Cox

      Lots of people feel that way, Stewie. I might even be one of them, but no matter what, she's deserving of the fans respect. Love her or hate her, she's a phenomenal fighter and has a real warrior spirit. She is, in a word a bad***. Gotta respect that, man.

      • grandslam

        I disagree with the"warrior spirit" part Brian. Perhaps we have a different yard scale to measure the spirit as I feel this fighter in a disgrace to a warrior. She will fit better in a Kadarshian show.

        • Brian Cox

          Grand, I used the term in the sense of a person who puts their fight face on, goes out and does battle, and doesn't back down from a scrap. I think Rousey easily fits that profile.

          In terms of conduct, that's a different valuation and one that is very subjective. If you see Rousey as something less than honorable, then that would be your purview.

          For me, I'm torn on her. I respect the heck out of her in the ring. I respect the heck out of her for her indomitable spirit and I respect her for some issues unrelated to fighting. That said, I wish she was a little more nice or a little less intractable. The whole Tate and Caraway issue would be a good example. She should just let that go and move on, and trying being friendly. Tate and Caraway seem like decent enough people and I don't know why she just can't take her beatings of Tate, smile and say….'okay, that's over with, we should train together sometime.'

          • TheXperience

            Agreed… she's a bitter bitch man! I'd love to see her improve her striking to an elite level. Not just boxing. If she adds a crazy kicking game to her arsenal, it's gonna be problems. The thing with Ronda is, once her striking gets to a really high level she will truly be unbeatable for the simple fact that her ground game is second to none, so she's not scared of being taken down (or someone attempting to), meaning she can throw crazy shit without a single moment of doubt. Kinda like Pettis… the only one i think will be a problem is Cyborg and in all honesty, in another year or so, i don't think even Cyborg can stop her. As matter o fact Cyborg might have trouble stopping her NOW.

            Plenty of respect for her as a fighter, but i dont like the bitch!

  • grandslam

    I see her face and feel piss3d off! Cant wait to see her get knocked out cold and hopefully retire after that.

    Anyway, I think I should meditate more.

    • Brian Cox

      Part of the beauty of her marketing, people either lover her or hate her. It's money in the bank either way. Fans either want to see her win or get the daylights beaten out of her, and that Grand, makes her a star.

      Personally, I think she's great for the sport and she came along at a critical time for women's MMA and she's been the best thing on TUF in years. I wish they could put her and another fighter she can't stand back on TUF and let's do it all over again. It's certainly better than watching Pat Cote and Kyle Noke getting along; snooze. lol. The ratings on that show are brutal and because the show is just flat out boring.

      • TheXperience

        Yeah they picked the wrong coaches for TUF Nations. The best TUF shows are the ones where the coaches have some kind of beef coming into the show..!!

        • Brian Cox

          I'd agree with that all day long. TUF needs backstory or it's just a mediocre MMA show, with a fight once a week and one that wouldn't make it on a Bellator card.

          The show needs to have some personality and some 'legitimate' beef…something.

          The show sucks. It's brutal. It needs a massive overhaul. Fight Master was better.

          • TheXperience

            Fight Master was better than TUF Nations and TUF China, that's for sure. I'll watch TUF US and Brazil over Fight Master any day though!

          • TheXperience

            You think they'll put Cain on TUF Latin? I think they'll almost have to and with him being out for another 6 months, it makes a lot of sense! They'll probably wait to announce it til after Browne and Werdum settle their shit… the winner of that fight VS Cain will probably be the coaches.

  • Brasil

    I would end this love her/hate her discussing by saying i would lay pipe on her either way and so would every other guy here.

  • tuputamadre

    Ronda I love you mami <3 :-)