Women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is the most dominant and successful female fighter on the planet. She has risen to those lofty heights ostensibly on the strength of her judo and ground fighting skills. Through eight professional matches Rousey has used her Olympic talents to throw and trash every opponent she has ever faced and in doing so, she’s made them all look very average.

However, this coming Saturday night at UFC 170 in Las Vegas that might change. On the night and at the event, Rousey will be facing Olympic wrestler Sarah McMann and for the first time in her fight career, fans might have pause to consider whether or not Rousey may have finally met her match.

McMann has the tools needed to beat Rousey and of course, the biggest one that she’ll be relying on is her formidable wrestling. In anticipation of dealing with McMann’s wrestling threat, Rousey has been working diligently on her own. To the point, she has been spending a great deal of time training with Olympian and world class wrestler, Martin Berberyan.

According to Rousey’s striking coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, Berberyan says that there is “no way any girl will be able to stop Ronda’s takedowns.” As Berberyan sees it, Rousey is simply too technical and to the point, that she even gives him (Berberyan) trouble.

Truly, Rousey is a great athlete and she’s never demonstrated any problems in taking her opponents down, but in her February 22nd match with Sarah McMann that might not be the question being asked. Instead, the question that’s likely to be asked is can Rousey prevent McMann’s takedowns and subsequent to that, stay off of her back?

For fans that have watched Rousey over the years, the answer to that question is probably ‘yes.’ However and that said, the champ is not one to rest on her accomplishments and as such, Rousey has been working diligently on improving her wrestling.

Regarding it all, the book on this fight might be the following, that if Rousey is capable of stuffing and reversing McMann’s takedown attempts then it’s apt to be a short night for the challenger. More to the point, if Rousey can dispatch the Olympian and as easily as she’s dealt with all of her other opponents, then she may well be unstoppable. As Rousey’s dream is to go undefeated in her career, a victory over McMann might be solid proof that it’s possible for Rousey to achieve that goal.

Here’s Ronda working out with her wrestling coach, Martin Berberyan.

Video courtesy of Fighthub.com