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Ronda Rousey On Gina Carano: She Could Be My Biggest Challenge


UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey remains at the top of the division, and it will likely stay that way until at least 2015. “Rowdy” has defended her belt three times since December 2013, finishing Miesha Tate, Sarah Kaufman and Alexis Davis in quick succession. It appears that a break is on the cards for the dangerous women’s boss.

This hasn’t stopped the talk of who she will face next though, and one name has popped up in conversation quite a bit lately. I’m talking about former Strikeforce women’s champ Gina Carano. “Crush” is being hunted by UFC brass at present, although nothing is set in stone just yet. Speaking with Bloodyelbow.com, Rousey discusses the potential fight with Carano:

“I think Gina is the worst style match up for me actually. One of the reasons why I’ve been so excited to fight her, was because she has that feeling of distance, and that feeling of timing, and mobility to put those touches in her punches where she has that one punch knockout power.”

Rousey’s statement is quite the opposite to the common opinion. Indeed, most fans believe that Carano going in to an immediate title shot against Rousey would be suicide. After losing by TKO to “Cyborg” in 2009, Carano has moved her focus to acting. A return would be a feat in itself, but an immediate title shot does seem a rather tall order.

“There’s a lot of other girls that they’re strong, but they don’t have that feeling. So they overwhelm people and they only get TKOs. There’s none of that one punch knockout power, and that’s the kind of thing that you don’t lose. It’s that kind of thing that stays with you even if you take time off. I think styles do make fights, and style wise, Gina is the absolute worst match up for me. That’s why I’ve been wanting to fight her for a while, because she could be one of my biggest challenges.”

“She’s been the one insisting on fighting at 135, so yeah, I would love to fight her at 135. I prefer that, definitely. I feel like there’s where I’m at my athletic peak.”

After a rumoured move to Bellator MMA was shot down by Scott Coker, the reason was revealed that Carano was aiming for fights at 135 pounds. Obviously there really isn’t anyone around at women’s bantamweight right now, due to “Rowdy” clowning the divisional top contenders in recent outings.

It would seem that Carano vs Rousey will take place if “Crush” is eventually signed by the UFC, but the reality is that the former Strikeforce champ should at least take a tune up fight. A win over Rousey would be absolutely huge given her five year absence, but history should tell you that is highly unlikely. Given Rousey’s recent form, and how active she’s been, I fail to see how it would be anything other than a high profile squash match. What do you think?

  • This is like the womens version of Anderson vs Hendo.

    One was great for her time but being feed to a younger new breed of fighter to validate her position on top.

    Gina lost to Cyborg. This will win mainstream, but fail in the eyes of hardcore fans to satisfy their desire for the top womens fighters to face off.

    • Henderson was prime when he fought Anderson.

      • Anderson just showed who was the boss in the UFC.

  • Like Dana said to Nate Diaz: Not even close

  • Rhonda wants an easy fight. Carano loses 5 years of full time training and fighting and she's the now the toughest challenge of RHonda's career? so Rhonda is saying had Gina not taken a hiatus from fighting she would not be able to beat Gina? LOL? The same gina that fell in to mount on cyborg and got up because of her not so swell ground game and bad fight IQ?

    Carano will take an armbar here first round and this will be an easy payday for Rhonda.

    • I wouldn't be surprised if Ronda let the fight go on a bit just to make it seem like a legit fight.

    • Ya, Ronda is kinda trolling everyone here. Carano is a dream fight for her. Biggest name in WMMA, probably her biggest paycheck to date and should be a cake walk to boot.

      But as little as this fight make sense, Carano can't do worse than Rousey's last two opponents

    • Ronda has faced all the top contenders the UFC put in front of her, she will be facing a ton of tough opponents in the near future. Ronda doesn't want the Carrano fight because its easy, she wants it because its a Huge fight and Ronda sees Gina as the first well known main stream women's MMA fighter, Gina was the face of women's MMA before Ronda. Gina has only lost one time, to Cyborg, the chick who everyone thinks will bash Ronda, I don't see how thats a bad thind considering Cybrog is the number #2 WMMA fighter in the world. Also I heard Gina's strikeforce contract only terminated last year or some shit! Even if she wanted to fight she wouldn't of been able to sign with any other promotion.

  • Ronda's biggest challenge can be found in my pants. HeYOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • she means "biggest paycheck"

  • keep selling the fight more money for you

  • This is the way GSP used to talk once he cleaned out the division. Lower level fighters became "his toughest match up ever" to keep the fights exciting

    • Or was GSP so damn good that he made great fighters and very tough stylistic match-ups for him look like a cake walk?

      • I love your avatar.lol. Every time I see it I chuckle.