Ronda Rousey Not Running From “Cyborg,” Would Fight Bryan Caraway

Ronda Rousey Not Running From “Cyborg,” Would Fight Bryan Caraway


How times have changed.

Not too long mainstream media outlets had no idea who any UFC fighters were. Today, even celebrity gossip sources such as TMZ can pick out members of the brand. Case in point, the “Thirty Mile Zone” caught bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey coming out of dinner this week in Los Angeles, and in doing so, they hit “Rowdy” up with a few questions.

Regarding Christiane Justino, and “Cyborg’s” claim that Rousey is ducking her, the champ laughed and fired back at Justino. Claiming that the Brazilian fighter quit the UFC within a day of ‘out of competition’ drug testing being announced by the promotion, and that she’d just recently been dropped a number of times by a fighter that Rousey had never heard of –  world champion kickboxer Jorina Baars – Rousey sarcastically stated that it was hard to know who was running from whom.

Her words:

“She got dropped like five times in her last fight by some chick that I never heard of before – by the way, that chick was a G that was pretty cool – I’m the one with the belt and I’m not going anywhere and she was the one who asked to be released from the UFC like twenty-four hours after they announced ‘out of competition’ drug testing. So, I don’t know who’s running from whom in this scenario, but she knows where I’m at. I’m not going anywhere.”

Given the tug-of-war the pair is having over matching up, it’s no surprise that Rousey would take a shot at Justino, and blow off any suggestions that she’d be ducking the South American fighter.

When asked if there was a male fighter she’d like to glove-up against the champ smiled and said, “Everyone knows its Bryan Caraway.” Asked if she was serious, Rousey remarked “Yeah, but they’re never going to allow anything like that.”

Finally, the Q & A shifted to transgendered fighter Fallon Fox. Regarding the fighter, Rousey stated that she’d fight her if she was told to. Beyond that, Rousey went on to state that her opinion on such things would be weighted on conditions pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of the issue.

Here’s Ronda Rousey out on the town in Los Angeles.   

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  • Entity

    Sorry Ronda, if you fought that chick in "KICK BOXING" you wouldnt last the entire fight like Cyborg did. She would have kicked your ass badly and KO'd your trashy ass.

    • Zip

      Ents, if it weren't for Ronda, we would never hear from you. Admit it, you like her. You really, really like her :)

      • Entity

        lol, really hating someone can have the same effect.
        Humans basically suck, Im not exempt from that statement either.
        Take replies on a thread for instance.
        We state our opinion, then if we reply to someone, it's simply because we had some internal need to see how someone responds to what we say. Hell, I came back curious as to what someone would say or if someone simply disagrees. Maybe we're measuring our social acceptance, maybe we're seeing if our opinion is the status quo.
        Others need or crave the adversity…….sigh.

        • Entity

          If I do succeed in figuring it out, I might disappear all together, or ramp up the activity. I won't even go into the lurkers who have the need to visit regularly but never post or respond even when their attention or emotions are provoked through debate or aggressive banter.

        • Zip

          Deep stuff man, deep stuff. But seriously, very well said. I operate on the 'Others need or crave the adversity' theme. Brings out the best or worst in them, but always fun :)

          • Brian Cox

            Chiming in – The two of you are 'just the best.' I would throw open my (non-tax-paid) survivalist doors to both or you and your kin, in the event of that need.

            Both of you rock.

          • Zip

            Dittos buddy :)


    This whole push to legitimize a "fight" with Carano was entertaining at first in a stupid way, but now it's getting out of hand. Anyone with a brain doesn't need me to say here what we all know about how relevant and legitimate this encounter would be. We all have a duty to pirate this UFC PPV if it comes to reality.

    • G3ARHEAD

      Woah, my comment traveled back 23 hours in time to post itself. How do you do it Lowkick?

      • Entity

        lol, I too have wondered that at some point. I think it's due to time zones, that or we're too far ahead of everyone else. 8P

        • Ivy

          I tried to "weak" Entity's last post on here (as is tradition), and it didn't send till today. Technology.

          • Ivy

            Just kidding by the way – he he

  • Evan Holober

    "She got dropped like five times in her last fight by some chick that I never heard of before – by the way, that chick was a G that was pretty cool –"

    Its sad that a woman who speaks so highly of women in combat sports has never heard of one of the best thai kickboxers in the world.

  • jcren

    Ronda's talent is sick…however…did she really mention Caraway. She needs to get off of it. She is an insecure little girl. Her insecurity has driven to tremendous heights in MMA. But she is getting annoying. I think anyone with a brain knows this is the fight people want. As champion she should say…"I don't care who I fight…I am champ…I will fight who the UFC puts in front of me". In truth if Cyborg is able to survive a few throws she will destroy Ronda striking. Cyborg is an ANIMAL. she reminds me of a young Wandy Silva.