How times have changed.

Not too long mainstream media outlets had no idea who any UFC fighters were. Today, even celebrity gossip sources such as TMZ can pick out members of the brand. Case in point, the “Thirty Mile Zone” caught bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey coming out of dinner this week in Los Angeles, and in doing so, they hit “Rowdy” up with a few questions.

Regarding Christiane Justino, and “Cyborg’s” claim that Rousey is ducking her, the champ laughed and fired back at Justino. Claiming that the Brazilian fighter quit the UFC within a day of ‘out of competition’ drug testing being announced by the promotion, and that she’d just recently been dropped a number of times by a fighter that Rousey had never heard of –  world champion kickboxer Jorina Baars – Rousey sarcastically stated that it was hard to know who was running from whom.

Her words:

"She got dropped like five times in her last fight by some chick that I never heard of before – by the way, that chick was a G that was pretty cool – I'm the one with the belt and I'm not going anywhere and she was the one who asked to be released from the UFC like twenty-four hours after they announced ‘out of competition’ drug testing. So, I don't know who's running from whom in this scenario, but she knows where I'm at. I'm not going anywhere."

Given the tug-of-war the pair is having over matching up, it’s no surprise that Rousey would take a shot at Justino, and blow off any suggestions that she’d be ducking the South American fighter.

When asked if there was a male fighter she’d like to glove-up against the champ smiled and said, “Everyone knows its Bryan Caraway.” Asked if she was serious, Rousey remarked "Yeah, but they're never going to allow anything like that."

Finally, the Q & A shifted to transgendered fighter Fallon Fox. Regarding the fighter, Rousey stated that she’d fight her if she was told to. Beyond that, Rousey went on to state that her opinion on such things would be weighted on conditions pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of the issue.

Here’s Ronda Rousey out on the town in Los Angeles.