Ronda Rousey Could Be The Face Of The UFC’s Apparel Deal

Ronda Rousey Could Be The Face Of The UFC’s Apparel Deal


UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has known nothing but great success since joining the senior circuit in February of 2013. In the 17 months that she’s been with the franchise, Rousey has added four wins to her undefeated record of 10 – 0, while also successfully defending her title three times. Additionally, she has maintained its unblemished, ‘decision free,’ state. Indeed, the only augmentation that Rousey has made to her record is that she has forgone the use of her trademark armbar finish in her last pair of fights; instead, opting to put away her previous two opponents by way of T/KO stoppages.

Outside of the Octagon, Rousey has managed to leverage her ring achievements into perhaps even greater success. At 27-years-old, the women’s champion has secured three movie roles – Entourage, The Expendables 3 and Fast & Furious 7 – a major product endorsement (Xyience Xenergy Drink), won the 2014 ESPY for Best Female Athlete award, and landed “William Morris Endeavor” as her agent. Truly, it seems the world is at “Rowdy’s” feet.

Today (July 28, 2014), fans are learning that more fortune is likely to befall the 135 pound champion, as it appears that Rousey is about to become the face of the UFC’s new apparel line.  

As reported by, the promotion is “actively engaged in conversations” with a “premium apparel line,” this according to Mike Mossholder, the UFC’s Senior Vice-President of Global Marketing Partnerships. As Mossholder put it, Rousey is apt to get the job as the face of the new clothing line – “highly likely” – because she is the “No. 1 most requested athlete” by the UFC’s sponsors.

With an apparel deal in place, it will mean that the promotion’s (roughly) 400 fighters will be wearing a standardized look when they perform in the Octagon. Regarding how revenue from the agreement will be shared with the UFC’s fighters, no details are available.

For Rousey, this will be yet another validation of her overall appeal and marketability. Currently ranked at No. 3 in the promotions tickets sales department, Rousey is a fighter that resonates with fans via a love-hate relationship. She is, without a doubt, a big star and a ‘needle mover,’ as UFC President Dana White might say. With her dominant and unbeaten record, California good looks, notoriety, charisma, and winning smile, Rousey is arguably the obvious choice to put forth as the face of the UFC’s new clothing line. As such, it will be hard to see how she does not get the job and maybe even tougher to think of which male fighter might challenge her for the opportunity.     

As a closing note, it won’t be lost on the deal’s shot callers that Rousey’s image on the Xyience can boosted the company’s sales by 12%. 

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