Lost in the midst of last week's UFC showdown between Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit was a statement by the UFC welterweight champion regarding women's MMA.

"In my heart I have, you know, it's the way I grew up maybe, the mentality is different, I'm old school. I have a hard time watching girls fighting; it's hard for me. I never really watched a woman fight, but I know they are pretty good," the Canadian said. 

As soon as the quote hit the air, former Strikeforce women's bantamweight champion Miesha Tate decided to air out St-Pierre on her Facebook.

"He is ignorant, Ignorant means uneducated and the fact that he has NEVER watched a women's fight so how can he say how he would really feel about it without seeing for himself. That's what I have an issue with, he has no CLUE how hard we fight and how tough we are," Tate wrote after initially taking to her blog to discuss her concerns.

And who would have Tate's back? None other than her archrival Ronda Rousey.

The woman who bent Tate's arm mercilessly and in ways that the human arm wasn't meant to bend took to Tate's side and tweeted that the two "actually kind of agree about something."

Rousey kept it short and sweet and it will be interesting to see of GSP responds to the situation.