Ronaldo Souza Expects August Return, Hoping To Face Michael Bisping

Ronaldo Souza Expects August Return, Hoping To Face Michael Bisping


Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza sustained an injury to his elbow while training for his February 15th, UFC Fight Night 36 bout, with Francis Carmont. Souza won the match by unanimous decision, but post victory had to go undergo surgery to repair his elbow.

With the operation having taken place last week, Jacare is now on the mend and thinking about a return date and possible opponents.

As it stands and according to UFC Tonight’s Twitter account, Souza is expecting to be ready for Octagon duty by August and he’s “interested” in facing either the winner of the April 16th’s Michael Bisping vs. Tim Kennedy match, or the winner of April 26th’s Tim Rockhold vs. Tim Boetsch bout. However, Souza has stated that he’s “hoping” for Michael Bisping.  

As to why the number four ranked Souza would have a preference for the number five ranked Bisping over the other three fighters mentioned, is anyone’s guess. However, a good guess might be that Souza either sees Bisping as the easier fight of the four or that he sees ‘The Count’ as the biggest name.

Regardless, Souza against any one of the four fighters named would be a decent fight. Bisping has a solid stand-up and ground game, and is a tough fighter to take down and keep on the mat. Rockhold and Kennedy both possess power and have technical skills that might prove a threat to Souza. As to Boetsch, he’s a gamer and not an easy opponent to put away. As such, he’s the type of fighter that can lose two rounds and take home the win via the third.

In terms of his injury, Souza couldn’t have timed it better if he’d tried. With Anderson Silva being out with a broken leg, Vitor Belfort out until he’s clean of his testosterone treatments, and Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida duking it out on May 24th for the middleweight title, the division is in huge flux. Resultantly, being on the sidelines waiting for the dust to settle isn’t such a bad thing for Jacare.  

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  • mauromina

    you forgot the fact that Rockhold took away Jacare's Strikeforce belt. That would be a really interesting rematch

  • IGMBurninPiff

    All of them vs Souza would be a good fight. I think him wanting Bisping is a mix of easiest fight with the biggest name. Souza will be much stronger than him he'll be able to drag him down a sub is possible but unlikely but it's also unlikely that Bisping could do any damage with him technical but not really powerful striking. Souza would take that by UD most likely with Sub or even TKO possible.