“The term great fighter gets thrown around a lot…it exists embodied in one man and that man, is Anderson Silva.” -Joe Rogan

Well, here’s a short video that should make Silva fans beam with joy. In it, Joe Rogan waxes effusively about whom he (and most) believe to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time, Anderson “The Spider” Silva.

Rogan feels that there’s not even a “close second”. That it’s as if he sees things before they even happen. It’s like “he’s in a movie.”

Rogan believes that Silva is a perfect storm of physical talent, intelligence, discipline, training and natural gifts and it would be hard to argue against the case.

The sport, particularly the UFC, has never seen anything like him. He makes both the good and the great look bad. He seems to fight his opponents with a complete sense of disdain, as if they have no place in being in the ring with him and perhaps he’s right. So far, no one, with the exception of Sonnen and Dan Henderson for 1 round, has even come close to touching the Champ.

When he entered the UFC, he slaughtered Chris Leben and then promptly slaughtered the division champion Rich Franklin. Beyond that, he’s never looked back and in doing so has cemented his legacy as the greatest of all time.

Considering his greatness, what one thing would you put it down to?

For me, I think it’s his footwork above all else. He is a master of playing catch-me-if-you-can. One second he’s there and the next he is not.