Robert Drysdale Set To Make His UFC Debut Against Cody Donovan At...

Robert Drysdale Set To Make His UFC Debut Against Cody Donovan At UFC 167


If you’re a fan of world class Jiu Jitsu and you love watching a grappling wizard destroy his opponents on the ground, then mark November 16th off on your calendar, because Robert Drysdale will (finally) be making his UFC debut.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Drysdale will be stepping into the cage in Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC 167, and putting his 6 & 0 (professional) record on the line against 1 & 1 (UFC), Cody Donovan.

Donovan is a fighter with some power, finishing half of his wins by way of either KO or TKO. That combined with his three submission victories, stands Donovan at an impressive 88% finishing rate. That said, Drysdale comes to the fight with a 100% finishing rate, with every win coming by way of submission, with each victory being secured within the first round and with only one fighter lasting more than two minutes; 2:06.

Three submission victories aside, Donovan, as probably every other light-heavyweight in the division, would be well advised to stay away from any ground exchanges with Drysdale, and would be best served by keeping the fight standing.  In that, he might have a chance. However, if the fight transitions to the ground, there’s probably not a fan out there that would give him a chance of surviving the encounter.

The only drawback regarding this fight is that it’s apt to be on the preliminary-card bout and not on the main, which one would have thought would have been reasonable to do, considering fan interest in seeing Drysdale’s debut. However and nonetheless, it’s just nice to finally see him make an appearance in the UFC’s Octagon.

All things considered, UFC 167 is shaping up to be a great card and fans should be treated to a series of great welterweight showdowns, inclusive of the mother of them all, Georges St. Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks.

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  • IGMBurninPiff

    Didn't think he'd get into the UFC so fast. Ofcourse his BJJ background makes him a threat but we've seen countless specialists fail once in the big show. I thought they'd give him a few more fights outside. Maybe with Bellator and WSOF snatching up raw and old talent they didn't want to take a chance… or maybe they just really think he'll be that good. either way I'm excited to see what he can do

  • enjoylife321

    His BJJ is amazing, he was Forrest Griffins BJJ coach and also a BJJ coach
    alongside Frank Mir.

  • dropkickmurphy

    I believe that he will have a mediocre splash. Jacare, Roger Gracie, Damien Maia and Vinny Magalhaes have some of the best jiu jitsu in the world..not just MMA. Roger was cut, Vinny is about to be, Jacare is winning his fights by knockout. Maia, however is an absolute beast.
    I believe it is much like the wrestling. It is not how good your BJJ or wrestling is in that sport, it is how you can make it translate into this sport I always remember that Matt Hughes submitted Ricardo Almedia.

  • Entity

    Hopefully we dont see Donovan simply pick him apart from the outside and run from any attempted takedown. If Drysdale gets a few vicious subs, Im afraid that will be the plan to nullify his success by way of the rest of the UFC fighters. Once you lay out the blueprint to defeat someone dangerous, others often take note.