“FighthubTV” spent some time with legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach and got his thoughts on the upcoming (November 16th) bout between Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks.

Roach told Fighthub that he’s already spent 17 days of training with GSP (10 in Montreal & 7 in Las Vegas) and that the welterweight champion’s boxing is getting a lot better and he’s becoming more “fluid with his punches.”

He thinks that Hendricks is “tough, with a big left-hand and he can knock you out with the left-hand”, but he feels that it’s a very similar fight to the one that GSP had with Josh Koscheck and that it’s an “easy game-plan.”

The plan, as Roach describes it, is to have GSP stand his ground and to meet Hendricks’s forward movement with a stiff jab and inside-hook and to exit off to “Bigg Rigg’s” right, when disengaging from the exchange. As he said to Rush and regarding fighters who jump in from too far away, “if you move back from that you give him momentum, he’ll knock you out.”

With that said, Bigg Rigg has made mention of what he expects from GSP in the fight and that would include his stiff jab and circling away from Johnny’s power left. On that note, Hendricks has stated that he’s been working on adding power to his right and hopes to catch “Rush” as he moves left.

For his part, Roach thinks Johny’s right isn’t “really nothin’ to talk about.” On this issue, I hope his words do not prove to be prophetic.

Of his comments, the only one I’d disagree with would be Roach’s take on Hendricks as being more explosive or dynamic than Koscheck. I think Josh is the better overall athlete and fighter, however, where Bigg Rigg prevails is in focus and (positive) attitude. I believe that to be the biggest difference between the two and the one thing that Hendricks brings to the Octagon that Koscheck does not.