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Report: Junior Dos Santos Can’t Remember Past Round Two Against Cain Velasquez


Junior Dos Santos proved once again that he is one of the toughest fighters in the world at UFC 166, enduring a horrific beatdown at the hands of the dominant Cain Velasquez. The fight took it’s toll on the faces of both warriors, but it seems that may just be the tip of the iceberg.

According to Cigano’s corner, the former Heavyweight champion has no memory of the fight after the second round. Many fans and pundits feel the fight should have been stopped after Cigano appeared to be out on his feet following a brutal barrage from CV.

His cornermen also said to Combate.com that JDS fought from that moment in the second, right through to the fifth ‘on autopilot’. It was clear that Dos Santos had taken a ton of punishment, but to not remember three rounds of fighting after a heavy head shot could be a sign of ill health.

Doctors examined Dos Santos after the fight and he was cleared to leave hospital the following morning. Ever the professional (and awesome guy), JDS remained positive after 166:

“I’m feeling good. I came to the hospital to have some stitches in the cut I had. The pain is only in the heart, because I didn’t manage to give a good performance in the Octagon,”

“Now it’s time to go back to the gym and train, dedicate myself to come back stronger than ever and, who knows, some day dispute the championship again and be able to honor the support from everybody who believed in me.”

This guy is a true warrior, in every sense. My only worry is that the size of his heart may end up being detrimental to his health. Being able to take such a brutal beating is not going to do him any favors.

Long term effects of such blows to the head are evident in many aging boxers, and with the sketchiness of some of MMA’s refereeing I wouldn’t like to imagine Dos Santos taking a few shots too much in a fight.

As things stand, I think he was knocked out in the second round at UFC 166. His corner believe that he was on autopilot until he was finished in round five; so essentially CV was hitting an ‘unconscious’ JDS for three rounds.

We’ve seen evidence of flash knockouts in the past, most famously when Fedor Emelianenko fought Dan Henderson. Referee John McCarthy was quoted as saying ‘As soon as a fighter is unconscious, the fight is over. I can’t tell if he will wake up one second later, or not. If you go out, the fight is over.’ Big John referring to the moment Hendo’s bomb put Fedor face down on the mat, forcing the ref to stop the fight to Fedor’s dismay.

It appeared at first that Fedor was ok, but on closer inspection; he was out. So my question is should the UFC 166 title fight have been stopped in round two? Many may argue that guys have come back from worse….but then again if you give everyone that opportunity, how long is it before we see the first high-profile in-cage death?

  • Great heart, great fighter, he will be back

    his Takedown defense was great this time, just need to focus on maintaining the distance and no getting in the dirty boxing/greco fight against the cage and next fight will be a war. these two are on another level, theres going to be another one

    • Yea, he just kept running backwards as Cain advanced, as if just waiting for Cain to engage him. I was very sad to see this. I usually root for the American because I am a racist American who hates Brazilians just because I am American white male, but in this case I wanted JDS to win because in the American slang he's "a'ight".

    • What JDS needs to do is focus is staying in the middle of the ring and away from the fence.. Jab..Jab…Jab…Right Uppercut!.. He got bullied and fought Cain's gameplan. That will always be the result if he fights from the fence.

      • Dj couldnt have said it better myself but not to take any credit away from cain he forced jds to fight his fight but in my opinion i feel like either one of these men could beat each other on any given night junior needs to diversify his game a bit though before he comes back for another shot thats for sure, looks like cain will stay champ for awhile

  • Keep your head up Junior. If you can keep Cain from holding you against the fence you'll most likely knock him out again and bring on the best of 5.

  • This guy should stop thinking that way and better put his proud apart….yeah he is a warrior and whatever you want to call it but i think no one wants to see him sick so his health should be first than anything on his life…After such of beating he can consider a temporal retiring at least one or two years because it was in less than 1 year 2 hell of a beating…and still he is thinking on another fight with Cain…Come on men you got nothing to prove, we all now the hell of a fighter/warrior you are but think about your health! be smart!

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  • I think JDS needs to find more experienced people to join his camp. I sounds like they just make excuses. They need to say they screwed up didn't get a good game plan and we should have thrown the towel in because we know how much heart our guys has.

    • He has a great camp…! Daniel Cormier made a statement in one of the interviews. He said JDS did not have enough time to improve enough to face Cain again. It's very evident that he was right! 1 great camp is gonna improve a fighter in certain area's but not enough to match the skills of someone who has a life long experience in certain disciplines like with Cain's wrestling. What surprised me even more is that Cain was out striking JDS as well, he looked far more crisp! and that is the problem… Cain is not gonna wait for JDS to get up to his level. While Cain is working to catch up, Cain will advance! At this point i dont think JDS will EVER beat Cain again.

  • I think JDS is the only person in the world who could bear that beating of Cain, I hope he gets better and come back more stronger, WAR CIGANO!

  • hahaha the dude fought on autopilot for 3 rounds haha now thats mma ladies and gentleman!!!!!!!

  • I'm a big fan of JDS…Yet very disappointing at the way he talked before this fight… Not to mention some of his annoying fans.. Styles make fights…And Cain will most likely whoop Junior every time… Even Josh Barnett, and DC would probably do the same to Junior….. Now Werdum style will be a good fight for Cain…

  • Personally I don't think we will ever see jnr and Cain square off again..The UFC would appear reckless if Jnr was to be involved in another 25 minute beatdown. It gets to the point, how many times does a fighter need to prove they are better, once twice, three times. UFC will never take that risk I believe despite jnr's ambitions. I see jnr being fed some easy opponents. Jnr's confidence has been shattered and he will be constantly questioning his ability. Jnr suffered 50 minutes of beating from Cain. Its only a matter of time before someone fall victim.

  • cv will end jds

  • I think that the corner of JDS weren't brave enough to toss in the towel; clearly the fight should have been stopped earlier.
    I agree with tuputamadre, take a break and let the brain heal. Good luck Junior.

  • "If you go out the fight is over."

    Spot on.

    JDS was out in round 3, and it should have been stopped right then and there.

  • I have always been impressed by the way Roy Nelson could take shots after shots, but after the last 2 title shots Dos Santos fought in, damn, the guy's impervious to pain.