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Report: Dana White Looking To Book Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort In Brazil


UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman has had an uphill battle in all three title fights of his budding career thus far. First of all, ‘The All-American’ had to overcome the greatest middleweight in UFC history, as he faced Anderson Silva as a huge underdog at UFC 162. The win was as shocking as it was spectacular, and the rematch was set.

Weidman repeated history, and once again put the champion on the end of a nasty defeat, then came his double knee surgery before being booked in against Vitor Belfort. Enter the TRT ban and exit Vitor Belfort from UFC 173, and in steps Lyoto Machida as replacement. Not only did Weidman fight after two knee surgeries, but also with an injured hand at UFC 175, and won a convincing decision over ‘The Dragon’.

With the title defense against Vitor Belfort pretty much dependant on ‘The Phenom’ getting licensed in the USA, it seems that a new challenge has arisen for ‘The All-American’. That challenge would be fighting Belfort in Brazil, according to MMA reporter Shaun Al-Shatti:

While TRT was legal, Belfort fought three times in 2013, all in Brazil; mainly due to the fact that he couldn’t get licensed in Nevada because of past discrepancies with the commission. Not only will Belfort get the home soil advantage against Weidman, but he will probably have a much easier time getting licensed there.

Is UFC president Dana White overlooking Weidman’s well being with this potential booking, or does he just have that much faith in the middleweight champion? With the CABMMA being a lot more laxed on testing than their U.S cousins, could Belfort being gaining an unfair advantage for his title shot against ‘The All-American’?

  • The mere consideration of this title match-up in Brazil demonstrates how corrupt Dana & co are. Even Vitor fans should be outraged.

    • Vitor couldn't pass a drug test if he ate the paper, and waited 8 hours for nature to take its course.

      • Fuck Vitoid Befortrt. He should be fighting in Weidmans home country!! Weidman has at least earned that right.

  • Dana is afraid that a juice-free Vitor will be tossed by WM. He wants to "old Vitor" to show up, take the belt in an explosive fashion, shake things up again, and as such Dana fails to see the bigger picture even if that does happen.

  • Vitors mom says he will be a good boy…. Promise.

  • Yeah make the fight already… !

  • I wonder what kind of gate #'s they pull in in Brazil compared to Las Vegas and if that has anything to do with it…belfort would probably have an easier time getting licensed there anyways…either way..idgaf where they fight…i just want them to fight

  • Wait just a garn darn minute, Chael gets cut from the UFC (even though he retired) and gets fired by FOX sports for failing a drug test, and Vitor gets a home fight for failing a test (I think a couple times just like Chael)? did Dana White just turn in to Don King? "Dana King"

    • I agree but chael failed 2 drug tests in a row months apart 3 all together. Vitor however only failed 1 this year. I think. Ok maybe it is ridiculous.

  • BOOOOOOOOO, the Champ fights at home. Basic fucking consideration

  • How can you fire chael for roid controversy then pull this shit?