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Ray Longo’s UFC 168 Prediction: I Think We’re Looking At A Submission This Time


UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman shocked the world when he knocked out Anderson Silva at UFC 162, an opponent long thought to be invincible. Part of the overall shock was due to the fact that Weidman won the fight in the one area that most predicted Silva to dominate: the standup.

However, Weidman’s striking has progressed to a level that nearly rivals his world-class wrestling and submission skills. Much of that has to be attributed to the effort of his coach Ray Longo. Longo was the man in Weidman’s corner who famously told “The All-American” to go after Silva in between the first and second rounds at UFC 162.

With their much-anticipated rematch at UFC 168 just around the corner, Longo appeared on today’s “The MMA Hour” to discuss the fight, which is arguably the biggest bout in the history of the UFC:

“I think everybody’s excited. The first one was very exciting also. We want to put a stamp on what he did the first time and I think Chris is focused. Training camp is going excellent and we’re ready to roll. He’s ready to show everybody the first time wasn’t a fluke.”

Indeed many still think that Weidman’s victory over Silva was a fluke, putting more of the blame on “The Spider’s” antics rather than anything Weidman did. And it’s hard to argue with them. Silva has always added a bit of flair to his fights, baiting his opponents into a false sense of security by dropping his hands down and taunting them.

This time it caught up to him in a big way.

Weidman has said that he doesn’t expect anything different from the longtime former champ the second time around, and that he’s going to press forward looking for the finish regardless of what “The Spider” throws his way. Longo touched on the training for the rematch:

“We kind of kept it similar. We brought in a boxer from upstate who was really good, fast hands, southpaw, you know, 185. We kinda kept the same guys but added some guys. Listen, he’s ready to go tomorrow. I wish the fight was Saturday. His weight is perfect. He’s been an animal in the gym. His sparring is perfect. Everything is point on; we’re looking for a great fight. I think we’re looking at a submission this time. Whatever he feels like doing, I think he can take this fight anywhere he wants to.”

Longo is supremely confident in his young champion’s skills, and for good reason. The undefeated Weidman has been a bulldozer in MMA and just knocked off most people’s consensus G.O.A.T.

But there will always be that lingering doubt about the outcome if Silva were to ditch the antics. Longo isn’t scared of that potential, predicting Silva would do the same thing he’s always done:

“I think he’ll start off a little differently then he’ll revert back to what he always does. I think it’s woven into the fabric of who Anderson Silva is. That’s what he does. I mean, just watch his fights, there’s not a fight where he didn’t mug a guy. That’s just who he is, that would be the hardest thing to change. The Octagon doesn’t lie, it parallels life. “

Longo makes some good points and has a solid overall belief in his student. Meanwhile Silva insists “he’s back.” A motivated “Spider” is nigh indestructible, but even the greatest lose their edge eventually. The result of this highly anticipated rematch is up in the air right now. Weidman may indeed be Silva’s kryptonite and put him away for a second time. Or the former champ could show up with a new lease on fighting and add another highlight reel knockout to his resume.

What is your prediction for the blockbuster? Do you agree with Longo or Silva?

  • I have never been that exited for a fight before. And I was exited for a lot of events. Wow – Anderson Silva: I do not like you but you rock mma!

    • Anderson will knock Weidman out with a flying double fisted Superman punch then floss his teeth in the middle of the octagon.

  • Great article and analysis as usual. As a fan of both (favoring Silva) I gotta admit Weidman looks a little scary right now. Too many tools and Longo has such a raf on Silva. Weidman is the future but I wanna see Silva go out in style.

  • Silva's not worried bout nothing.

  • Weidman's overconfidence could backfire on him. Silva is going to destroy Weidman with ease.. It's gonna be a lot like if Mike Tyson fought an infant.

    • Weidman is being confident for a reason. Every fighter to ever go onto a cage with Silva nervous or unsure has hesitant therefor beaten. He has to chow he is confident to ensure he goes in with a clear head. Mental is a lot more important against Silva than most other fighters. And saying Weidman is like an infant is a little disrespectful, love to see you fight him!

  • Silva got this, and that's all i have to say about that!

    • Amen!!

    • Longo say they are looking for a sub this time huh? Pretty sure that was the game plan last time too but when that didn't work they took their chances and it happened to pay off for them. Now they say it again because thats been the plan always.

    • Didnt you say that the first time Exp? 8))

      • I did and im saying it again now… Cause im not stupid enough to put my money on someone i know for a fact is gonna loose! When u gamble theres always a chance to loose, but i take this chance and hold on to it with a KungFu grip, cause im THAT confident Silva will destroy Weidman in a spectacular fashion.

  • A Silva that's not playing around is too scary. Chris would be able to handle him.

    • I disagree, but I agree.

  • I think the confidence that Weidman is bringing into the match along with his wrestling ability make this a tough fight for Silva. I think Weidman has a good chance to win this one. Obviously Silva is the favorite but he's got his hands full.

  • I have Weidman by sub but hoping for a KO matrix stile from the goat!