Loretta Hunt of SI.com is reporting that retired hall of famer and former 5-time UFC Champion Randy Couture has signed a multi-year contract with Bellator and SpikeTV to appear on multiple projects, the first of which will be a new and up-coming Bellator-based MMA reality show.

Spike TV officially announced their partnership with Couture, as well as a conference scheduled for February 5th to follow with more details. No details have been released by Spike regarding the name, subject or date of the show’s premiere, however it is believed that the show will feature more than two coaches and aims to be somewhat different than that of The Ultimate Fighter series.

President of Spike TV Kevin Kay, stated a few weeks ago that announcements will be made soon regarding the project, but hesitated to reveal any further information.

Apparently Spike and Viacom will be offering more money to the coaches than had previously been given to those who appeared on The Ultimate Fighter series.

A new MMA reality TV show with Randy Couture, I dunno about you but that sounds like fun. Let us know what you think of the idea in the comments below and keep checking back for more on this story as we continue to follow and share any further developments.