"I could get excited about this type of fight, but it has been brought to my attention from my management and stuff that -- and they check stuff out -- that it shows Glover is really doing a lot of work on planning to take me down and holding me against the cage ... stuff like that," he claimed. "He's going to pretend to stand up to just take me down, which is okay, I'm not surprised. I don't know what's going through his head.

I just think that he's a great ground fighter, so if he really wants to win this fight, why then trade with me at my strong point?" Jackson continued. "Why not get me at my weakest point, which is on the ground? That's probably what he's thinking, but he's got a new thing coming because I've trained to take this fight anywhere. If he takes me down I'm getting right back up. I really feel like he's going to have a hard time taking me down." - mmamania.com

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, will step inside the UFC Octagon for the last time in his career (or not), facing the up-and-coming Brazilian heavy-hitter Glover Teixeira. Jackson criticized the UFC on numerous occasions for having him to fight "boring wrestlers", and was excited to test his skills against a respected striker in Teixeira. However, things have changed when Jackson got an inside info on Teixeira's plan to implement negative tactics during the fight.

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