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Rampage Jackson Wants To Fight Nick Diaz For Trying To Steal His Date


A few weeks ago former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson took to Instagram to post the following video of ex-UFC welterweight title challenger Nick Diaz attempting to steal his date:

This seems to be a bit of revenge from Diaz, who told a story about Jackson once doing the same thing to him several years back when the Stockton native was a teenager:

It seems as though the beef between the two is legit, as Jackson recently did an interview with TMZ Sports in which he claimed he wanted to fight Diaz at heavyweight after he ‘disrespected’ him in front of his date (quotes via MMA Mania):

“Nick Diaz needs to step up to my weight class. That’s all I got to say. Back when MMA first started, there were no weight classes. Nick Diaz, he a warrior just like me. That’s all I got to say, he has to step up to my weight class. He disrespected me in Vegas. We both was drinking, which was good, you in Vegas, you having fun. Nick Diaz, you know you disrespected me and you was out of order motherfucker. He tried to punk me man, It ain’t cool. Come to my weight class.”

  • HeteroFriendly

    On the surface that seems kinda bully.
    Rampage wavering around the fatter side of 205 his whole life, and easily 235+ these days.

    But Nicks gotten bigger to.
    I saw a picture of him standing next to Arlovski once and he’s as at least as tall as him.

    It depends how mad Rampage really is.
    He’s an emotional fighter.

    If he’s actually pixxed off he’s very dangerous.
    If he’s just “fighting” Nick could take him.

    • HeteroFriendly

      Also its no point trying to point it out to rampage,
      but Nick Diaz is no Spanish rico suave as far as we know.

      If the broad chose Nick,
      your game is just even worse then Nick Diaz.

      That let me moterboat you isht aint no rico suave either.

      • HeteroFriendly

        She is kind of hot.
        I see why rampage is mad.

        But the hot ones are crazy.
        You never know what they’re gonna do.

        That aint Nick Diaz’s fault.
        He’s the victim the same as you.

  • Qritical_91

    I would actually love to see this.

  • Fester

    Jackson sold his soul and waning talent to Bellator…UFC will not bring him back.