Last September, UFC president Dana White revealed that the UFC had paid out $5million to one fighter after just one fight.

"We paid a guy $5 million for a fight before, [but] we didn't start making money until 2007," White said during a Google hangout.

Now, thanks to the UFC's colour commentator Joe Rogan, we now know who that athlete is.

According to Rogan, who revealed the news on his most recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, that fighter was former UFC welterweight champion; Georges St-Pierre.

Here's what the Rogan had to say:

"When you look at pay, there's a pay that's listed as far as the purse you get after the fight," said Rogan. "That doesn't take into account a lot of factors. There's a lot of things they want to remain private. You're not just getting paid that amount. Some people are. But when a guy is selling tickets, a big name fighter, there's a lot of factors in there. Incentives, pieces of pay-per-view. Georges St-Pierre was making $5 million a fight.

He's making a lot of f---ing money. He's got sponsors, Gatorade, all this other stuff. Other revenue coming in. Georges St-Pierre made a f---load of money fighting."

Checkout the full episode of Rogan's podcast below courtesy of the commentator's YouTube page:

Rogan's comments are around the 17 minute mark.