How many times have you been pumped up for a fight between two fighters only to have it cancelled, because one of them broke something or tore something or whatever, just before the fight? Without trying to recall all them it would certainly be more than a few.  

Fighters when matched are usually allotted a training camp of 12 weeks and with that time they go into hyper mode preparing for the fight. Daily they go into practice and go to war with their teammates in effort to prepare them for the upcoming battle. Yet, often they give themselves serious injuries and do so by the sheer aggressiveness of their preparation(s).

In effort to stem the pre-fight training injuries, might it not be wise for the UFC to develop some kind of protocol for the fighters, regarding their pre-fight readying?

If there was such a protocol what might it be?   

Personally, I think a lot of the problems stem from simply over training and whether or not it’s the body that gives directly or the exhausted mind that allows for a foolish mistake in the gym, the net result is the same, injury.

It would seem to me that a less-is-more approach should be adopted. Take some time off. Penn was often derided for this and maybe he would take it (a little) too far, but he has a point. The mind and the body need to relax. In terms of Penn’s own career it seems to have worked out well for him. I can’t recall BJ ever being a scratch on a card due to injury.

If I was to offer up a pre-fight fighter protocol it might be to put a maximum on the number of hours spent in the gym / day. I would also suggest that the closer the fight date gets, the less heavy sparring should be done (for either stand-up or mat work) and that greater emphasis should be placed on cardio preparedness.

So, what would you do if you were Dana?  Are you fine with the way things are or might you consider a pre-fight protocol and if so, what would it be?