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POLL: Predicting The First Woman To Beat Ronda Rousey


Ever since her crossover to MMA in 2011, Ronda Rousey has plowed her way through every opponent put in front of her with relative ease to capture two world titles and maintain a perfect 10-0 record.

She’s been an unstoppable force in both the featherweight and bantamweight division, making her ranked the ninth best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Now, at just 27 years old, she’s the undisputed UFC champion with four dominant title defences to her name. After staritng her MMA career as a pure judoka, she has managed to evolve into a very well-rounded mixed-martial artist. This has reflected in her most recent wins, earning vicious knockout victories over Sara McMann and Alexis Davis.

The UFC have upped their efforts to give the Champion viable contenders by signing Holly Holm and trying to sign Gina Carano, but can anyone really stop her?

Cast your votes below on who you think will hand the dominant champion her first loss and checkout the results below:

  • number 6 brett roger


  • Zingano, she destroyed Miesha, and Miesha was very good against Ronda…so if Zingano is improved like Miesha that's a very hard match for Ronda.

  • ZINGANO for the WIN! Not Zigano 🙂

  • I feel the division is far too weak to have anyone topple her right now. If anyone maybe Sarah McMahon or Cyborg. Ronda is like Royce Gracie at UFC 1 through 4 right now, she's the only real elite fighter out there right now. Right now womens MMA is very much like striker vs grappler even though they all know some of each it is very lopsided in which area they can perform well. Ronda is the first to truly show versatlity to do both although even for her it has only been her last 2 fights.

    • Marloes Coenen would maybe have been the most well rounded female fighter but she doesn't have the strength and power of the younger girls.

  • She retires undefeated having never had anyone wipe that hot but bitchy look off her face.

  • They all have a chance to win, I would choose Zingano. She is well rounded and is also a nasty finisher like Ronda. Cyborg would be deadly if she can make 135, but I don't support drug cheats. Holly Holm is a great striker, she could pose some problems for Ronda. Rin Nakai should be on the list. Carano in shape could hang with Ronda, I just see the long layoff being a bit to much, especially if she doesn't get a tune up fight. It would be great to see McMann and Rousey in a grappling situation, I think strong traditional wrestling can counter strong Judo, but the submission game is a different story, Ronda easily has the best BJJ in Women's MMA,

  • Cyborg will give Ronda her first child.

  • Sometimes when I'm this far off, as in just about everyone thinks Cyborg will beat Ronda, I think I'm missing something. I could be wrong, although I'm not (but once was mistaken in 1986), but can someone make the case for a legitimate Cyborg victory. I don't see Ronda losing anywhere, including on the feet.

    • I agree Zip….

      A year and half ago, i'd say Cyborg would've beat Ronda. Now? fucking forget about it! At this point Ronda has evolved so much as a fighter that i don't think Cyborg can hang with her. Especially cause that fight could and would not be made til next Summer, which is another year of added experience and technique for Ronda.

      Cyborg has a lot of power in her strikes, but she is a brawler and lacks technique. She can land a bomb and finish the fight, but you've got to land that bomb first and i don't think she can land one clean. Ronda is a lot faster, she has great footwork and whenever Cyborg would get close, she'd be airborne.

      Cyborg might look like The Hulk, but don't think for a second that means she's physically stronger than Ronda. She's not gonna push and bully Ronda around like she does to all her opponents.

      I give Cat Zingano more of a change of beating Ronda than Cyborg, cause she has a good combination of power and technique and more legit BJJ. With the right Gameplan, she has a chance.

      I don't give Holly a chance in hell, at least not yet. Cause she needs to develop a very strong ground game before facing someone like Ronda.

      On the feet she'd own Ronda right now, but she won't be able to stop the take-downs and i highly doubt her ground game is strong enough to survive on the ground and get back on her feet. Once it hits the floor it's game over…period!