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Phil Davis: Fight With Lyoto Machida ‘Not That Close’


Phil Davis’ controversial victory over Lyoto Machida at UFC 163 has sparked a huge uproar on the Internet, with most fans quick to jump to Machida’s defense. Deemed a robbery by many, Machida was visibly angered by the loss, which will keep a coveted title shot just out of his reach.

However, even though Davis admits it was a close bout, he’s quick to note that there are some aspects of the bout that went his way. He posted the comparison on his Facebook fan page today, noting that he landed more strikes than Machida in rounds 1 & 2, and of course got two takedowns towards the end of those rounds.

In fact, Davis now believes that it wasn’t even that close of a fight:

“So I had more total strikes and a take down in the 1st and 2nd round…. But I lost those rounds? How? Close, but not that close”

Many will say that it was Machida who landed the more significant strikes, which count a lot more than overall volume of strikes. Machida’s elusive style is also becoming a culprit for the close loss, as his strategy of lulling opponents into a false sense of security may definitely be losing him points in the eyes of judges.

Either way, Davis stands to benefit from a significant jump in the rankings with his debatable win over Machida. Dana White admitted that he thought Machida had won, echoing the sentiment of most fans. Will the defeat cause Machida to plummet greatly?

  • This guy is delusional. Machida's strikes all actually caused damage. Phil Davis' takedown at the end of the 1rst round he did 0 with after because it was so close to the bell. Davis' Machida rematch would be nice since I just read that Glover beating Bader gets him the title shot. Machida and Davis technically have noone else worth fighting.

  • Stop it, Phil, you know you lost that fight.

  • stuffed take downs should bring points!

    • True, but then so should attempting a take down. It is aggression.

      • Ok? But octagon control would mean that even though u kept trying to take it down and couldn't he was controlling where the fight took place

      • Is a failed aggression

    • No. Defense does not score.

      That's like saying defending submissions, blocking and slipping punches, or even running around the ring to avoid strikes should score points.

  • I picked Davis to win but thought he lost as well. I guess he "Fitched" a decision…

    Neither fighter did themselves any favors in this one. The real winner of Machida vs Davis was Glover Teixeira.

  • I think everyone should just agree the fight sucked and move on

  • Yeah we probably should huh. Just book the rematch Dana

  • so he is saying he won because he landed more strikes and got 2 takedown in the first 2 rounds and yet yesterday he said he won rounds 2 and 3. machida landed more shots, more significant strikes and stuffed all takedowns that round and yet one judge still gave Davis that round. anyway who care if you landed a few more punches Lyoto beat him with total significant strikes

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  • I thought it was a 29-28 for Machida but honestly I can barely give enough a **** to even post this, to be honest I would have prefered that it was called a draw as no fighter did enough to win a single round, 27-27 Draw.

  • Yes, Machida defended well against most of the takedowns. Yes, he had have given more significant (counter)strikes. Still Machida looked not too concerned to lose the fight, and I think he could have given way more in the 3rd round.

    Takedowns + Judges = Messed up decisions..

    To be honest, Dana should plan a rematch for the sake of the fans and the lack of interesting opponents vs. Machida.

  • This is why Judges should be ex MMA fighters OR Never leave it to the hands of the Judges.

  • Was a close fight. But I believe machida won. To me it looked like he was hesitant of the takedown of Phil davis. Regardless he still did enough for the ud.