Anthony Pettis Gunning For T.J. Grant’s Title Shot At UFC 164

Anthony Pettis Gunning For T.J. Grant’s Title Shot At UFC 164


Anthony Pettis, who recently became a scratch for his upcoming bout against Jose Aldo (UFC 163, August 3rd in Rio de Janeiro) due to a knee injury which requires (only) rest and rehab, but not surgery, has requested of Dana White that he be allowed to replace T.J. Grant in his upcoming (UFC 164, August 31st) bout in Milwaukee, against current lightweight division champion Ben Henderson.

 “Showtime’s” request to UFC president Dana White is predicated on several things. First and most importantly Pettis feels that his knee will have been healed up by before August 31rst. Secondly, that the fight is in Anthony’s home-town of Milwaukee and as such, he feels that he’s a better fit for both the card and the venue. Lastly, Pettis feels that a fight between himself and the current UFC 155 Champion is a fight that everyone wants to see and has wanted to see for quite some time.

Pettis is of course referencing the memorable encounter between himself and Ben Henderson in December of 2010, when the two faced off for the WEC lightweight title. Their fight proved to be an epic battle where fans saw Pettis defeat Henderson in a 5 round unanimous decision and exit the ring with not only with the belt, but also a highlight reel moment  for his career simply known as the “Superkick”.

However, as much as Pettis may want to replace T. J. Grant in his fight with Bendo and as much as the fans might wish to see it, Dana White seems to have a less enthusiastic take on the subject. White believes that where a doctor and therapist in Milwaukee have told Showtime that he could be ready in as little as 3 to 6 weeks; White himself seems to be less sure stating:

“I could give a **** what the therapist in Milwaukee thinks…and I’m going to fly him out to Las Vegas to see Dr. (Steven) Saunders, too, for a second opinion.”

Even if Dana’s statement leaves open the door to a possible replacement of Grant by Pettis for UFC 164, White has thrown cold water on idea by subsequently remarking that …“He (Pettis) could do either, fight Aldo (or Chan Sun Jung should he beat Aldo) or he could fight the winner of Henderson and T.J. Grant.”

So there you have it. Pettis wants in at UFC 164, but Henderson already has food on his plate and it doesn’t look like White (as the chef) is inclined to swap out a meal of T.J. Grant for that of a meal of Anthony Pettis, regarding Bendo’s August 31st title defense.  

If White was so inclined, he could ask Grant to step aside (pay him is show money) and also tell T.J. that he will get the winner of Henderson / Pettis and that the fight would go down in Grant’s hometown of Halifax / Dartmouth.

The East Coast of Canada and in particular the province of Nova Scotia and its capital city of Halifax, are hot-beds of (Canadian) UFC fandom and a town that White has mentioned as a future destination for the promotion. As a fan, I couldn’t think of a better show that the UFC could put on in “The City of Trees” then a lightweight title shot featuring the winner of Henderson / Pettis vs. hometown hero T.J. Grant.

If that was the deal that White put forward, then I for one would be quite happy. However and in saying so, I should confess that I have a dog-in-the-fight, because I live in Halifax and it would be nice to see a UFC show go down in the HRM, particularly if it was for a belt and featuring a native-son.


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  • 51JD51

    Well that's kinda a d*ck move on Pettis' part. It's a cut throat business I suppose though.

    • Brian Cox

      You would be correct, Sir.

    •;starare1person dana&patrick; star are 1 person

      pls aldo first… wait for the title shot for the featherweight.

  • KeithFarrell

    For someone who had this done to him twice and complained about it at length, shocking he's willing to do it to someone else

    • Brian Cox

      There's a lot of money on the line and the opportunity is now…can't blame the guy for running it up the flag pole, but you do have a point, though.

  • kungfurule

    the "Showtime Kick" nt "SuperKIck"

    • Brian Cox

      I agree with you, but the official title of the video, as on UFC's official YouTube channel, is the "Superkick". So that's what I went with. You are right in noting it.

      • HunterB

        Okay Shawn Michaels

  • enjoylife321

    I caught Dana say something about keeping Pettis for a Vegas card in the post fight press scrum yesterday…..interesting to see what happens.

    • Brian Cox

      I think DW is blowing a business opportunity, here. Pulling Grant from the card and having him fight the winner of Henderson / Pettis gives him two big fights, not one average one, in terms of people who know who T.J. is.

      Henderson / Pettis gives him a great top of the card fight, that everyone would want to see.

      Putting Grant on vs. the winner of that in Canada and in a fight giving the country its 2nd shot at holding not only at a title, but concurrent titles (GSP) and doing it in a brand new market of Halifax, Grant's home-town, would do massive business on the PPV in Canada and the shows live tickets would sell out immediately. Every last one of them gone…boom. Trust me on this.

      IMO – Dana should consider his options, here.

  • akieyugames

    Give him the fight until he injures himself a week before the event, the let Grant replace him again.

    • Brian Cox

      I would think that to be unfair to Grant. If White pulls him from the card, then don't bring him back. White should have a different plan and to be honest, if I were T.J.'s management and they pulled my fighter, I'd tell White right up front…don't come back to us if Pettis re-injures. We won't take the fight. A deal is a deal.

      Oh…and White should have to pay Grant his show money for having sat him down.

      • akieyugames

        Agreed. I think Grant shouldn't be replaced too, Just TRYING to be funny, and working on my smart arse comments. White should double Grant's show money if in case he did replace him, I'm a big Pettis fan but man that was a dikc move.

        • Brian Cox

          Akie…your sense of humor is duly noted and appreciated. :-)

          Regarding Pettis and as a fan of both…it's the fight business and I can't blame him. If' you're prepared to fight someone, anyone, then we should expect no less of the rhetoric and actions, which bring about those fights.

          I take my hat off to Pettis. From a management POV…it's a great move and if it works out, who cares if anyone thinks ill of it. If he wins, well, Grant can have his revenge in the cage.

  • Evan Holober

    Good to see that Dana's flying him out to LA for a second opinion. Means this might have some wheels behind it.

    I know a lot of people around here like to pretend that guys earn stuff in the UFC, and blah blah blah… It's just not true anymore. Pettis-Henderson 2 is the more marketable fight, and the fight more fans want to see. Pettis would have been the guy to get the shot anyway. Yea, it kinda sux for TJ but let him sit out for the winner or fight BJ Penn.

    • enjoylife321

      @Evan……It seems like you get pretty good medical attention when you're a massive star with the UFC…..I think Dana white would sit for hours and ice Showtime's balls if he knew they were swollen.

      Thats a good fight for BJ, but not sure if the name would interest BJ….

      • HunterB

        Name interest BJ?!?!? TJ Grant is way more established at 155… and is a way better fighter to be honest… Times change, and Penn is ********done son.

        • enjoylife321

          Hunter…….Still heaps of hype around BJ, but your probably right in saying BJ is down. I think he is more interested in surfing right now….

    • Brian Cox

      Evan, if DW were to pull Grant from the fight and re-schedule for Halifax, he'd make a killing off of the fight. That's my view of it at any rate.

  • TheRealDeal

    Pettis is a complete douchebag, and I've thought this from day one…. what he needs is a complete A$$ WHOOPING to get him down to earth where he belongs. Aldo would have given it to him too.

    • TheRealDeal

      Go ahead, show that stupid show time kick one more time……super kick my a$$, it has been done in TKD dojos for years…….he was just lucky enough to land it on Bendo.

      • Brian Cox

        Cage, I don't that we could say he was lucky. He obviously has, through practice, achieved the ability to do the move and must have practiced it many times using the cage as leverage.

        He saw his opportunity and he took it and he was quick enough of mind to grasp that the opportunity had presented itself. Personally, I give him full credit for the kick.

        In all honesty CR…did you not say…"damn", when it happened or when first you saw a video of it?