Paula Sack’s Rapid Fire With Chael Sonnen

Paula Sack’s Rapid Fire With Chael Sonnen


Chael Sonnen is entering his fifth year with the UFC and even though he’s only 6 – 5 in the promotion and a woeful 1 – 3 in his last four fights, he is, nonetheless, a huge star in the brand.

Sonnen is the best salesman the sport of MMA has ever seen. He is the consummate pitchman. Sonnen is that guy that can take cow dung and convince people that it’s a fragrant truffle. His patter is reminiscent of George Costanza on “Seinfeld,” and the character’s belief that “it’s not a lie if ‘you’ believe it.”

Truly, to hear Sonnen speak fans would be left with the impression that he’s the greatest fighter of all-time and not a guy that’s just one win over five hundred.

In a round of rapid fire with Paula Sack, and regardless of Sack holding the UFC’s P.T. Barnum to single word answers, Sonnen still manages to sell. Evidence of such would be the one word answer that he gave regarding himself, which was “legacy.” Of course, fans might ask what legacy? Again, in his own eyes he’s the greatest fighter of all-time and as such, it’s an expected answer.

Here’s the unflappable and always entertaining Chael Sonnen for your amusement.  

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