Pat Barry: The World Has Been Telling Me To Cancel This Fight

Pat Barry: The World Has Been Telling Me To Cancel This Fight


This weekend The UFC rolls into Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, for the promotion’s first-ever show in the prairie province.  Featured on the main card, in what promises to be a heavy-handed war, are two fighters in Pat Barry and Shawn Jordan that are renowned for either winning or losing their fights, by anything other than a decision. Between them, Barry and Jordan have 31 professional fights. Of those, only 4 fights total went to the Judge’s scorecard, with Pat having 1 and Shawn having the other 3. That’s an impressive statistic if you like finishes and bodes well for what to expect from the bout.

Today, on “The MMA Hour” with Ariel Helwani, Barry discussed his upcoming bout with “The Savage”.  Comparing himself to Jordan, “Hype-or-Die” said of the two, that it’s “the type of fight I’d want to watch. Two short stocky guys, who look like squares fighting each other”.

Pat made particular note of the fact that Jordan is a former football player, with a lot of speed and power, who, like himself, likes to bang and KO people, but also, a fighter who is very fast and capable of either kicking you, punching you or slamming you and doing it all in manner and speed, which confuses his opponent. In a nutshell, Barry believes that the match will go to the fighter “who can trick the other guy, first.”

Of the two, Barry is the longer-toothed UFC vet, having amassed a record of 5-5. He has never won two fights in a row in The Big Show. Coming off of his beautiful KO victory over Shane del Rosario in December of last year, this will be, yet again, another opportunity for Barry to extend a win into a streak by taking home the victory. Jordan, on the other hand, has garnered a record of 2 & 1 in The Big Show and is coming off of a TKO victory over Mike Russow. He too, will be looking to cull his first 2-fight winning streak in the UFC.

Of the two, I believe Barry to be the better striker and given that this will probably be a stand-up battle, it’s reasonable to think that Barry might carry the day. However and with that said, Pat has made note of the stress that he’s been under for this camp. Both his mother and his step-dad have had issues relating to their health of late and in listening to the interview and even as light-hearted as Pat is or comes across, it’s difficult to imagine how all-of-it wouldn’t way on his mind and potentially affect his performance.

This, coupled with a splinter in his foot, wrenched neck and pulled hamstring, caused Pat to muse that “the world has been trying to tell me to cancel this fight for 8 weeks  now”. When asked by Helwani as to why he didn’t pull out of the fight, Barry replied “because the world is trying to get me to not take it and that’s all the reason in the world to take it.” Ah, the irony, but the interesting thing about Pat’s comment(s) is that UFC fans should have expected no less a response. As PB stated “I don’t know what kind of kid you were, but when mom said…whatever you do, don’t push that red button, my head always went, but now I’ve got to push it.”

In short, Pat is a gamer. Win or lose, he shows up. He will give it his all and in doing so, take every risk, even stupid ones and all in an effort to finish his opponent and glean a decisive victory. It’s all part of the reason why I and many other fans, love and respect him as a fighter.   

Come Saturday night, HD will bang with Jordan, and winning streak or not, he will still be one of my favorite fighters in all of the UFC. I am picking him to defeat Jordan by KO. However and with that said, he’s also been working on his submission game and (even) recently took home his first-ever armbar victory in a grappling tournament. It was obvious in his telling of the story that he has taken great pride in the accomplishment. So, who knows, maybe Hype-or-Die will shock the world with a submission victory on Saturday.

One thing is for sure, fans shouldn’t expect this fight to be either boring or decided by the judges’ scorecards. Reworking the quote that Rhonda Rousey is most famous for…someone’s streak’s gotta start.  

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  • N.C.

    Met Pat in Toronto. He's kinda like the geeky kid who everybody liked. But big like a line backer. I hope his parents are ok. You meet some who are jerks. Then you meet some thinking, i really wished you trained at my club. Your a really cool guy. Pat is one of them.

  • Mike Drahota

    Pat's a super exciting fighter. He may not be the most well-rounded, but he might save a lackluster card with a highlight reel knockout on Saturday. Or he might get knocked out, But as long as the fans, had fun, he probably wouldn't care.

  • Mike Drahota

    Pat's an awesome fighter. He's not the most well-rounded, but if he gets ko'ed and the fans have fun, that's probably fine by him. He could save an otherwise lackluster UFC 161 card this Saturday with his style.

  • enjoylife321

    Any fight Pat Barry is in is exciting….I'd like to see Barry clash with Mark Hunt. I heard on twitter Hunt is needing surgery on his left leg for an infected hematoma.

  •;starare1person dana&patrick; star are 1 person

    pat barry is going down. Shawn jordan is a beast.