Pat Barry Not Happy About Fighting in Australia

Pat Barry Not Happy About Fighting in Australia


Pat ‘HD’ Barry is set to take on Australian heavyweight Soa Palelei at next weeks Fight Night 33 event. The card will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1 from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Queensland, Australia.

Both men are powerful strikers and with a combined record of 22 knockouts out of 27 wins, it’s pretty likely someone is going to get knocked out. It’s almost impossible for this fight to turnout boring, “Fight of the Night” is written all over it.

You’d think everyone would be happy about the matchup, Barry however is less than enthusiastic. Barry shared his feelings on ‘The MMA Hour’ earlier this week.

“I don’t like the fact that my itinerary says that I leave Sunday afternoon and land on Tuesday. I think the flight leaves Denver, fly’s around Australia, goes back to Denver and to Australia, I have no idea. It shouldn’t be that far. Don’t tell me we’re landing on Tuesday, I can’t handle that.”

“When I first signed to UFC I made two small requests. And I’m going to premise that with an awesome statement that I will fight anyone, anywhere at anytime, doesn’t matter if it’s short notice, I’m always ready, and I will fight the day of, I’m never going to say no. But, I have two requests. One, I never ever ever want to fight in Australia unless you send me a boat to get there six months in advance; and I never want to fight in Colorado. Now I’m fighting in Australia and I live in Colorado.”

It’s fair to say Barry is not a happy man at the moment, after being booked to fight in Australia. His opponent, Palelei, may make ‘HD’ even more upset come December 7th, who will be looking for his tenth straight knockout win. Barry will be looking to bounce back from a first round knockout loss at the hands of Shawn Jordan in his previous fight. He faces a stiff challenge against the UFC newcomer who has more than enough power to knock Barry out for the forth time in his mixed martial arts career. 

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  • big dunfey

    Dont really understand his reasons but should be a good ko.

  • TheXperience

    HD should drop down to LHW… he will never be a HW champ.. EVER! The competition at HW is just to tough for him. He's too small. If he drops down, he'd be faster, still keep most, if not all his power and he'd be fighting guys more his own size. He would most def. have an advantage. He could be a contender at LHW… at HW, not so much!

  • DeeJaySlyTee

    Want to be Champion… Do whatever it takes! Period.

  • enjoylife321

    Australia is a long flight for anyone. I'd want to be in Australia earlier than Tuesday for a Saturday fight. It takes a few days to get your rythym back.