Alistair Overeem is on the verge of being a bust in the UFC and he seems to be acutely aware of the fact.

Entering the UFC in December of 2011, “The Demolition Man” has but one (impressive) win and two spectacular losses to his acclaim. He was signed to a significant contract ($285,000 (US) for his last bout) and was expected, at the very least, to fight for the heavyweight title, if not win it.  

Sadly, none of that has transpired.

Instead, Overeem finds himself on a two fight losing streak and facing Frank Mir in (what is) a potential, which one goes and which one stays, bout, this November 16th at UFC 167.

With what looks to be The Sword of Damocles hanging over his head and facing a possible cut from the UFC’s heavyweight roster, Overeem seems to appreciate the gravity of the situation and in doing so, has stated that if he loses to Mir then perhaps he needs to be doing something else.

Yesterday, in comment to “The MMA Hour”, Overeem laid it out that he might have to move on, but at the same time followed up the remark by stating that he had no intentions of retiring.

As Overeem put it:

“I'm telling you this; if I lose to Frank Mir I'd better start doing something else. If I lose to him and that's three in a row, then I'd better start doing something else, right?...Well, I'd still like to fight a couple of years (and) that being said, I'm not going to retire. Primarily, I just need to beat this guy.”

In terms of his remarks, Overeem must surely be thinking that he’s going to be cut (should he lose) and that the “something else” that he might have to start doing, is Bellator MMA. That’s if he wishes, as stated, to keep fighting.

However could The Reem be jumping the gun, here?

If he and Mir were to have a barn-burning 3 round fight and Mir won, the UFC might still give Overeem one more kick-at-the-can. Yes it would be his 3rd loss in a row, but other fighters (Mir for example) have had 3 losses in a row and survived, and should they put on a show and Alistair performs well, then White might stay his cut. Further, given that Reem is still a big name and draw, White might see purpose in keeping him around for another card, again, should he perform well. So, based on that, Overeem might still have a little wiggle room left with the UFC and as such, should focus only on the upcoming fight and his performance in it, and not the ramifications of a loss.

That being said though, a win for Overeem would be the best guarantee of his staying in the promotion. On that subject, my guess is that he will probably beat Mir, but if Mir can get the Reem into the 2nd & 3rd rounds, Frank could easily win the fight. He does, however, need to be able to withstand Overeem’s aggression and power in the 1rst, and that could prove to be a tall order.

All of it taken into account, where there could be hope for Overeem staying with the UFC despite a loss, there is no hope for Mir should he lose. That matter is more than likely a foregone conclusion and regardless of how Frank performs; the papers are probably already signed and in Dana’s desk.