“The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" has revealed via his Twitter account, that he’s considering a come-back.

Several times through the month of July, Tito has passed along (not so cryptic) messages that suggest very strongly that he misses fighting and wants to climb back into the Octagon.

Ortiz has not fought in over a year and when last we saw him, he was on the receiving end of a decision loss to Forrest Griffin (UFC 148). In his last ten fights in the UFC Ortiz went 2-7 & 1 and post his fight and loss to Griffin, the Huntington Beach Bad Boy made his intentions of retiring quite clear. He stated that he had accomplished all he had wanted to, had provided for his family’s future and that he wasn’t interested in fighting anymore and with a lot of that being predicated on the state of his health.

However and apparently though, time and distance has made his heart begin to miss the ring and with the time off, he seems to be rested, healthy, in shape and looking to return to fighting.

In speaking with “MMAFighting.com” Tito stated, that “everyone has a come-back” and that in terms of his health “we will see in five months.” Even though he looks to be in good shape and in high spirits, the reality is that in 6 months he will be 39 years old and with having been out for a year and coming back to compete against (hungrier) fighters that could be 10 or 15 years younger than himself, how viable can he be?

With that said, Tito has a marketable name and would be of value to either Bellator or the WSOF and if healthy, would (more than likely) be welcomed by either promotion.

Personally, I’d like to see him stay retired, but I can also understand how hard it must be for a fighter to walk away from the sport. As it stands, Tito faces the same dilemma that BJ Penn now faces and that is this, if it’s going to be done (a come-back) then it has to be now or never.

I wish him all the best should he elect to fight again, but I think career is now better served as a coach, corner-man (he’s great at it) and manager and not, as a fighter.