“GSP” Won’t Rule Out A Comeback In 2015

“GSP” Won’t Rule Out A Comeback In 2015


Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is on the mend from ACL surgery.

Having gone down to injury a few weeks ago – apparently he caught his knee in a mat while wrestling – the French-Canadian MMA superstar went under the knife this week and according to Rush,” his procedure was a complete success.

Now, with his rehab already underway, St. Pierre plans on working himself back into fighting shape, with an eye to possibly returning to the Octagon in 2015.

Speaking with The Canadian Press yesterday, “GSP” stated that his injury will have no impact upon his decision to return, and no impact on a timetable for it. Simply put, St. Pierre had no intentions of returning in 2014 – if ever – and should he inevitably decide to do so, his ACL will have long been healed. As such, it won’t be a factor holding him back.

As “Rush” sees it, he’s been to the top of the mountain before and if he wants to conquer it again he will.   

His words:

“I climbed Everest once before and I’m going to climb it again – if I want to. It’s not a problem for me. . . . Anyway I didn’t plan to come back to competition before 2015.

And if I want to come back, when I want to come back, I’ll do it again. I’ll have all the tools to do it again. I’m not going to be less strong or less athletic – I’m going to be just better. I’ll have two bionic knees,”

In terms of whether or not he will come back to the senior circuit, “Rush” leaves fans with the impression that he will. However, he also seems to be quite happy being out from under the pressures of being a champion. Truly, it could be a flip of the coin regarding his return.

However, if he does come back, and as St. Pierre chooses to optimistically “look at it”, it was better for the injury to have occurred now – “perfect timing” – then later.

For the record, St. Pierre will be rehabbing in Los Angeles for the next three months, with an expected return to training in five, and full sparring within seven.

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