Nick Diaz Willing To Fight Matt Brown If The UFC Makes A...

Nick Diaz Willing To Fight Matt Brown If The UFC Makes A ‘Big Deal Out Of It’


Nick Diaz hasn’t fought in the UFC in over a year. Last in the Octagon in March of 2013, the talented lightweight has all but retired from the sport since his title challenge loss to (then) champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 158.

However, despite his absence from the ring, Diaz’s (now) unranked name still echoes within the weight class. Simply put, his notoriety as a tough opponent and one that never backs down from a fight, leaves his name as being bandied about in a number of fans ‘what if’ calculations regarding the 170 pound division.

More to the point, the former Strikeforce champion’s reputation is such that he’s become a marquee star in the UFC and a name that immediately lends credibility to any fighter that could score a win over him.

In recognition of that fact, surging welterweight contender Matt Brown has made note of his interest in fighting Diaz.

“The Immortal” is riding an impressive seven fight winning streak and is currently ranked No. 6 in the standings. However, his string of victories lacks a win over a big name, top ranked fighter. Subsequent to that, Brown is looking for a match that will affirm him as one of the division’s elite fighters. In terms of it, Diaz would easily fill the bill for Brown on the issue.

In speaking with PopCandies TV, Diaz stated that he’s more than willing to fight Brown – a fighter that he loves – but would only be interested in doing so if UFC was willing to make a “big deal out of it.” If not, then Diaz isn’t interestedand and he’ll just continue to do his “thing.”

More directly, the “Stockton Bad Boy” stated – while rubbing his fingers together – that he’ll “do work when it’s worth it.”

Of interest in the interview is that Diaz referred to his career in the past tense. Diaz stated that he “loves everybody” in the UFC that’s working towards what he “was working towards.” With the comment, Diaz leaves fans with the impression that he really has packed it in and has no intention of returning to fighting. Certainly not short of huge paycheck and one that the UFC is unlikely to cut.

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  • grandslam

    Diaz will destroy Matt Brown.

    • Entity

      If Brown doesnt like body shots….he' in for his worst matchup.
      I predict Brown crumbling to body shots be the 2-3rd round. Followed by some Diaz Crowd mockery and some inaudible words to the camera.

  • enjoylife321

    If the UFC believe Diaz can boost PPV sales than a deal will be done, its that simple. The problem for Diaz is that stadiums continue to get sold out and there is an ever increasing line up of talent…the PPV are title fights so at best Diaz would be a co-main event. then if he became champion some day it probably doesnt fit with UFC policy of having disciplined guys they can control. I would say that Diaz could easily boost PPv numbers if he co-mained and it was a decent opponent….So im kinda surprised a deal cant be made. noone really knows however what he would get paid now and what he wants?

    • TheXperience

      The deal can't be made cause he's asking for unrealistic amounts of money for his status. Surely the UFC is willing to pay him good money… just not as much as HE thinks he's worth. Diaz wants GSP money, but he's no GSP!

      • enjoylife321

        he probably wants the same money he got in his title fight, aint happening when gsp is not in town.

      • Brian Cox

        The shame of it, is that we as fans can't just ''okay' it.

        Personally, I'm a fan of great fights and regardless of who wins. If the guy that I'm rooting for looses, I'm fine with in.

        Melendez vs. Sanchez…my guy lost, but it didn't matter. The fight was epic and that's what mattered.

        Brown vs. Diaz would be a great fight and everyone knows it. And as a fan of Diaz's I'd love to see him back in the ring. As a fan of Matt Brown's I'd like to see him get a fight he wants.

        I doubt it's going to happen, but it would be great if White could get Diaz back in the ring – Matt Brown or no Matt Brown.

        But then again, I think it would have been great if White had signed Ben Askren. Speaking of which, when is the next (4 – 6 UFC) Charlie Brenneman fight?

        • enjoylife321

          I don't know Brian why they showed footage of Diaz calling Dana on embedded….???? Maybe they are close to a deal..I wanna see diaz vs brown 100%….that fight would be sick

          • Entity

            I have a feeling it's already done.
            Kinda like kids waiting for Santa Claus when the parents bought the gifts weeks ago 8P
            Speaking of Santa, I want….. ….. …..
            Nevermind Im too damn naughty 8))

          • Entity

            Santa teamed up with the NSA and Im on his no fly list.

      • Joe Boxer

        GSP Always plays it safe, He'll Never go into the danger zone as Nick!