Nick Diaz’s ‘Aim’ Was Never To Be Hated

Nick Diaz’s ‘Aim’ Was Never To Be Hated


Resigned to a new three fight contract this past week (July 24, 2014), Nick Diaz appears to have embraced or accepted, not sure which, that he must deal with the media to hype his fights and get what he wants, which is “big show” fights.

In support of his “moving forward in the sport” ambitions, Diaz sat down with to discuss a number of subjects, including his now scheduled match with former middleweight champion Anderson Silva and his thoughts on fighting for the welterweight title.

Of particular interest in the interview, Diaz appears to give Robbie Lawler a compliment by remarking how he (Lawler) and a “couple of other guys” fight with his (‘let’s go at it’) style, and how they please fans with “more of a show.” Perhaps with the tip of his cap, Diaz is signalling that he would be interested in facing Lawler in a rematch of their 2004, UFC 47 bout. First time through, Diaz and Lawler put on a fan thrilling war, one that saw Diaz KO Lawler in the second round. In terms of big welterweight fights, Diaz vs. Lawler II would be one of the biggest that fans could ask for.

In an introspective moment, Diaz seems to apologize for some of his past antics or ‘bad boy’ demeanor. Stating that when he first started out in MMA he didn’t realize how some of his actions would “come off,” Diaz clearly notes the fact that it was not his “aim” to have fans hate him or to teach “three year old kids” how to throw up their middle fingers.

For fans of Diaz, they are sure to enjoy the interview and additional insight into their fighter. For Diaz’s detractors, they are sure to find something to gnaw on. Regardless of a fans position on the Octagon veteran, Diaz’ presence in the UFC adds spark to the promotion. And love him or hate him, Diaz is always a great name on any card.   

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  • jcren

    He needs more money for weed so he is fighting again.

  • Mike Drahota

    Weed or not, Diaz is an insane athlete. Triathlons are no joke.

  • SatelliteMan

    Sounds like he's matured