Nick Diaz misses UFC 158 open workouts

Nick Diaz misses UFC 158 open workouts


Nick Diaz is known for his antics in and out of the cage. The welterweight title challenger had his last scheduled fight with St-Pierre cancelled for no-showing a pre fight press conference. It would seem that not much has changed for ‘The Stockton Bad Boy’.

Diaz was scheduled to appear in an open workout session today, promoting Saturday’s UFC 158, but did not make an appearance. Ariel Helwani was present at the open workouts and had this to say via his Twitter feed:

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  • garybkc

    Hendricks! Hendricks! Hendricks! send Diaz packing he can go smash Askren or who cares :-)

    • TheMacMuch

      Hendricks is having a massive hardon right now
      he's just waiting papa Dana's call to unload

      • gm1

        ITS ALL BS FROM Ceasar Gracie…..

        • falcon4917

          Pretty sure Diaz does not have to cut as much as GSP. No excuse.

    • Jrhill1990

      yes we definitely need Hendricks to step up. whoever weaked your comment gary is dumb, I fully agree Hendricks is on a 5 fight win streak and diaz is coming off a loss/ suspension anyone who thinks diaz "deserves" this fight is an idiot I mean since when has losses got you in a super bowl, or stanly cup championship, or the world cup! only in ufc if you lose you get to the championships. I like diaz but I will not follow that trend.

  • silvaisking2321

    Any way to see the public wall on mobile version?

  • pound4pound

    Come on Nick get your **** together man, I am starting to think you don't want this fight to happen.

  • diamond-mma2

    open workouts have to be the most awkward situation for a anyone….no surprise why Diaz wouldt have shown

  • mofocool

    Good decision by Nick..Its not easy to fly for 7 hours and cut weight for the fight.GSP doesnt have to do that, so it will be unfair.

    • Stiks

      Its unfair that GSP fights at his normal weight, while Nick cuts to fight in a smaller class? The way I see it, you choose to cut. If he struggles with it, then maybe he should go get his *** beat by AS at 185. Cutting shouldn't be an excuse. Fighters in this organization have been doing it for a long time, while meeting their contractual obligations with the UFC, such as attending press conferences and open workouts.

      • mofocool

        Im sure GSP have to cut weight too,but he doesnt have to fly 7 hours and show for another couple hours or more at open workouts and after..Thats waste of precious rest time.Basically he is losing the entire day that way,not an excuse.

        • KeithFarrell

          No GSP doesn't have to fly for 7 hours… but he has to do 5x the media Diaz is doing. GSP has even mentioned it's unfair how much more training time he has taken up while Diaz doesn't have that problem.

          Diaz may fly for 7 hours but GSP will do a few hour PER DAY of media leading up to the fight… Georges also do the media obligations like workouts and countdown shows that Nick tries to blow off

      • saulgood

        @stiks GSP has been very open in the past that he cuts from 185-188 to 170. Thats 15-18lbs, not a huge cut but still not the most fun thing to do.

        • Stiks

          Fair enough, I was wrong; however, my main point still stands. GSP, and other fighters, have had, and will in the future, cut weight while traveling long distances and doing media events. Its part of their job, whether Nick likes it or not.

      • falcon4917

        Nick is not a real 185er. He is bones and skin compared to GSP. GSP has to cut a lot more than him. GSP wlaks around 190-195 and Diaz is 180+ish. GSP also is never not in dieting shape so his walk around weight is misleading compared to many other fighters who relax when they don't have a fight. GSP is always in trimmed shape and ready for the final cut. Diaz does less of a cut and still can't show up?

  • highkick12

    Ariel is an idiot, no way is something like an open work out going to change the fight thats happening this weekend.
    Let me know if he doesnt show for the weigh in or something important.

    • KeithFarrell

      he would get kicked out if he missed the presser probably

  • Akordas

    Can someone buy him a watch? I think he doesn't have one

  • holycheapshit

    Who gives a f*** about open workouts? I never did…

    • michaelchimique

      it's in the contract. so Nick should definitely give a ****

    • KeithFarrell

      maybe all his fans who went to see him

  • soiWANNABEafighter

    Diaz could insist on walking out in a tutu to a walk out song of Britney Spears and still get a bonus for just showing up

  • GoldenBibi

    War Diaz…Who cares about open workouts.. I never saw Brock on an open workout, or on a post fight press conference. Yet Dana White was always ******* Brock's leg. I mean Brock would arrive in UFC private jet.

    What's important is the fight… Nick Diaz vs Vaseline GSP…. Now GSP promises to show everyone a new technique for Diaz… I wonder what it is!… ******* sideways..pfffffff. War Diaz…

  • KeithFarrell

    Nick does almost nothing he is asked for, treats this opportunity like a birth right while Johny Hendricks begged for the shot and would have done anything for it, especially the press, yet baby Diaz gets it.

    For a guy that complains all the time and talks about not getting treated right, he sure doesn't mind showing the media and his boss he doesn't give a crap about them.

  • alexz

    **** helwani

  • Krogan

    I understand that he is not doing what he is suppose to do but honestly who gives a **** about these open workouts? If all media lowers the quality of a fight by 0.1% I'd rather we had none.

  • Brian Cox

    At this (late) stage of the game, I really don't care. As long as Nick shows up for the fight and both are healthy going into The Octagon, is the only thing I care about, now. Just keep it together for another 72+ hours and no one will ever remember that Nick missed the opens', today.

  • Mike Drahota

    When you sign a UFC contract, you are thereby obligated by the terms of that contract. GSP has repeatedly stated he dislikes dealing with the media, but it's part of the job. Name another fighter who was gifted a title shot, after a drug-related suspension, after a loss. If you can find me one, he probably played his cards right and showed up to the subsequent media functions. How many fighters would give al they had just to be in half of Nick Diaz's situation? A lot. And they're struggling to put food on the table for their families. Grow up Nick.

  • IChokePeople

    Yargh! Somebody get this kid a therapist!

  • jmedno5891

    I really am a fan of Diaz in the cage but this is getting rediculous. I personally don't care about press conferences and open work outs but if it means keeping your job just do it already.

  • matt1926

    How about this one: Dana puts up with Nick's bullshit until the fight then with whatever outcome he just cuts Nick immediately after the fight? Wouldn't that constitute as "not good"? Right who cares about open workouts but he's not special. He has a job to do. Cut his fucking *** I'm done.

    • IChokePeople

      He won't cut him if he wins. It would delegitimize the belt. If he loses then I think you will get your wish.

  • odesahitman

    The greatest samurai who ever lived is called Mihamoto Musashi he lived in 16 century China… He won over sixty duels – losing meant death or dishonor… probably his most famous was against a superior swordsman…

    Musashi was over three hours late… this was unheard off, and disrespectful to the honor of the samurai and his family… they then saw that Musashi was not going to use a sword but had instead carved an oar into the shape of a sword…

    The enraged samurai charged Musashi and he was killed by the oar of a rowing boat.

    – Delay the expected time of combat
    – Disrespect, humilate wherever possible the enemy and his supporters.
    – Show a lack of concern and regard for what others think.

    And the bit I didnt mention…. Musashi knew the length of his opponents sword, he had made his wooden sword 12 inches longer, giving him first strike advantage… Of course his enemy never noticed this as he was so enraged by his opponents conduct.

    Moral of the story, do not be fooled by appearances they are very rarely the truth of the thing… and so can be said for the appearance of the ego which develops inside the long term champion – eventually he will believe the hype… and at that point in time humilating him provides the chance for a lesser fighter to take him out.

    Diaz by axe kick :)

    • Brian Cox

      @ Odesa

      All basic Sun Tzu. He should be basic reading for all humanity. His philosophies are applicable to every aspect of life, not just combat.

      • odesahitman

        @MMA Truth,

        Yes, I absolutely agree.

        Thanks for the reminder:)

        Enjyoy your weekend,

  • ChrisStrickland

    Does anyone else recognize that this is all a show? The UFC is becoming more like the WWE every day. The only real thing left is the fights, and I've been starting to doubt their reality as well.