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Nick Diaz looking to start his own fighting promotion according to CSAC officials


You read that correctly ladies and gentlemen, Nick Diaz has officially registered a website and Twitter account for NickDiazPromotions.com and plans to begin a fight organization called WAR Mixed Martial Arts.

According to an official at the California State Athletic Commission who shared this information on Monday with MMAjunkie.com, Diaz has started the process of applying for a promoter’s license in the state of California.

The official stated however that much more work was required before WAR Mixed Martial Arts could put on an event. In order for the CSAC to approve a license they would be required to review Nick Diaz‘ financial statements, resumes and an article of incorporation.

According to the official, a preliminary background check already completed on Diaz by the CSAC did come back clean.

This is interesting news to say the least, and rather unexpected. But after the constant announcements of retirement, one can only begin to think about whether Diaz was being completely honest and straight forward regarding his feelings about fighting and his future in the sport.

We’ll be watching Diaz’ next move to see, if this promotion reaches anything past it’s conception. Stay tuned to Lowkick for more details.

But more importantly, what do you guys think about Nick Diaz starting his own fight promotion? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Diaz might be able to put together some small shows but Nick Diaz should concentrate on making money in the UFC while he can and then hit the business projects after he retires.
    Dana always laughed at Tito Ortiz for trying to run a t-shirt business when he was in his prime, arguing how many shirts do you have to sell to make the type of money he can earn in one fight.

    Can you imagine Nick Diaz as a promotor and negotiating contracts when he can't even respond to a text message from Dana. Or even better, Diaz was given front row tickets to an event and decided to sit up the back…

    Diaz needs to stick to what he is great at and that is fighting.

    • Heard you wont be aloud to use any spinning sh.t, and if you dont give you opponent the finger each round you lose a point.

      • But seriously I hope Diaz has financial backers because he will lose what ever money he has saved, and he will be a another broke athlete fast.

        • @David….Now Nick Diaz is officially selling his own WOLF TICKETS !

      • Takedowns aren't allowed.

        In fact anyone who attempts to wrestle will be Stockton slapped as per rule 209 in the Nick Diaz book of rules and regulations.

    • If Nick can run the business through people he trusts like his brother and a couple close friends. Or if he can do better with his anxiety and be better socially. I think he would have an opportunity to change the sport. Imagine a promoter having his values of fighting, coupled with his knowledge. He won't ever sign any lay and pray fighters. He would have the yellow card rule, or something similar. And if he had the business long enough for it to be stable. I could see him devoting lots of time lobbying for the scoring system revisions. I could just see him really dedicating himself to making the sport the way it should be. FAIR. That is, unless after a year or 2 of trying hard, he finds that there's too much politics. And perhaps the athletic commissions will never be open to changing scoring and things alike. Because they don't get the sport, and god knows if athletic commissions will ever have former fighters. That could be the only way it is even possible.

      Maybe I was just being optimistic but I could see his promotion being set up really cool. To where it had all the most exciting fights.

    • When I saw the 'W' I thought it was for "Weed"

    • D

      I think it's pretty cool that Nick wanted to sit up in the stands with the fans, but I don't see what it has to do with running a business.

  • I kinda feel nobody will be giving him any leeway on this and he will be shut down sadly.

    • I had to check it wasn't April fools day when Bryan put up this article

      • I had to check the same thing when I wrote it lol

  • I for one like it, I just hope Nick is going to really change the game up rather then being another competitor in MMA. Different rules and that sort of thing.

  • This is going to be a circus and I want to see it!! If anyone gets the chance check out prebek's Nick and Nate Diaz videos on youtube some of the funniest **** ever, you won't be dissapointed

  • I want to see diaz fighting not promoting. He needs smart business men behind him so that he doesn't make any of the decisions himself, i also wonder where he is gonna find investors. If he wants to make money aside from fighting he should teach BJJ, he seems like a good instructor from the clips i've seen.

  • I don't know why everybody assumes Diaz wants to take on the UFC. Odd's are he's just starting a small local promotion that has fights he wants and likes to watch. It's also a place were up and comers can get some work.

    I don't get why every small thing with him needs to be blown completely out of proportion.

  • This will go nowhere, fast.

  • Bunch of haters huh. The guy's got a dream, why send so much negativity his way?

  • For someone who bitches so much about how little money he makes, and how little he knows about paying taxes, buying a house, doesn't know how to move out of Stockton, and blah blah blah, its sure a big move.