Nick Diaz Could Fight Tomorrow Or Tonight, Thinks Anderson Silva Is A...

Nick Diaz Could Fight Tomorrow Or Tonight, Thinks Anderson Silva Is A Great Match


In what has been a week of big news, one of the more significant stories to break had to be that of the resigning of welterweight fight Nick Diaz.

The UFC announced Diaz’s new contract yesterday (July 24, 2014) via Twitter, with a subsequent tweet that referenced a fight between Diaz and former middleweight champion Anderson Silva. The post, as from UFC President Dana White’s ‘T-account,’ stated that no discussions had occurred regarding the match and that Silva would not be ready to fight until February of 2015. However, the tweet is a strong indicator that Silva vs. Diaz is on White’s radar for early next year.  

With his new contract under his belt, Diaz sat down with for a little Q & A and to flesh out his point of view on fighting Anderson Silva and claiming the 170 pound title.

In preface, Diaz stated that he was healthy and that although he is expecting a 2015 return to the Octagon, that he could easily fight “tonight.” In terms of his new contract, Diaz declared that you “You have to do what you have to do” and according to Diaz, what he had to do was “sort things out with Dana White and Lorenzo (Fertitta).”

Regarding his aspirations, Diaz makes no bones about the fact that he wants the welterweight title and that he is interested in anything (match) that’s “going to do well” financially, and if that involves fighting Anderson Silva, then Diaz is up for the fight.

His words:  

“I’d like to fight for the title. I think that would be a big deal and worth fighting for. I want fights that will lead to a title fight. Whoever is in line and whoever has the title, that’s who I’m going to be fighting.

“I’d be interested in fighting (Anderson Silva) and anything that’s going to do well. As far as Anderson Silva, I think that would be a great fight for people to see because he has my type of style.”

As to how he sees himself matching up against Anderson Silva, Diaz is of the impression that “The Spider’s” boxing is not up to his (Diaz’s) level:

Diaz in comment:

“I think he has a little bit more of a kickboxing style. I think people have pointed that out to him; especially the way he lost his last couple fight. He’s working on that now, and he has a lot of work to catch up on as far as his punching. Usually with my style, people have a hard time. You have to come forward if you’re kicking and stuff. You got guys that are moving in and out, but I work hard. I don’t jump in and out.”

Truly, these are some bold words from Diaz. Removing Silva’s leg kicks from the equation, the wizard of 185 has been wowing fans with his hands, head and shoulder movement for years, while at the same time dazzling them with his footwork and ability to effortlessly switch gates. To make a claim that his boxing is not up to snuff will be, for many fans, a hard conclusion to accept.

Regardless, it does very much look like the Silva vs. Diaz train has left the station and that both fighters are onboard. With that, fans are likely to see Diaz’s theory put to the test in February of next year. One thing is for sure, Diaz would be wise to remember that the bout will be an MMA fight and not a boxing match, and that few in the world are better than that than Anderson Silva.   

Nick Diaz interview promo courtesy of the UFC

Photo courtesy of Nick Diaz

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    All that Stockton meth fumes has him feeling all kind of ways.

  • griffin

    everybody counting out diaz. guy has the best boxing, best bjj at WW. chin and cardio for days. trains with the very best in all disciplines..andre ward, nate, gil, shields, kron gracie, ronda. you put him in there against anyone and its gonna be a fight. he didnt even give a fuck in the GSP fight and was still able to slow him down 50% with just a few body shots. It was unanimous but still look at both their faces after Gsp all beat up. win or lose diaz isnt getting blown out the water by no man.

    • SpaceJam

      GSP got tired because he dominated Nick in the wrestling department, GSP took him down several times and was using a lot of energy controlling Nick on the ground. I would say Nick has the best body shots at 170 but not pure boxing, he doesn't have the best BJJ at 170 either, any of the top 5 would squish him like the turd he is.

      • Kris-tyahn

        P.S GSP also injured his achillese & was sick the day of the fight, not bad. It was also his 2nd fight in 4 months after being out for 18 months with ACL surgery.

    • Rory Kernaghan

      I'm sorry dude but how does Diaz have better boxing when he got outboxed by Condit and GSP? Rory Mac would ruin Diaz, heck I'd even say that Woodley would beat Diaz at this point

    • Bruce Lee

      Griffin, in THREE years he's 1 win and 2 losses. WTF?