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Nick Diaz Pre-Fight Interview


  • Is it me or does every f@#k nut with with a camera and an internet connection think he’s a sport journalist now?

  • That was actually one of the more interesting Nick Diaz interviews I have seen in a while… The interviewer was lucky, he caught Nick on a good day and he just kind of carried the interview.

  • Lol Nick Diaz works in mysterious ways. Of all the awkward interviews I’ve seen with him, he chooses to be in a talking mood, and of course it’s the most generic-asking dude that gets to ask. Go figure!

  • WTF? I love sparring with friends. The harder you spar the more you are helping each other. Hit him with all your love Nick!

  • The most calm, talkative, and collected I’ve ever seen Nick in an interview I think. Man that guy can ramble when he really wants to talk about something. I don’t know why, but I actually feel like its sort of a treat when I get to see him in an interview like this where he appears to appreciate the interview.

  • my god, he complains about money in every single interview he has. you think coker would take the hint by now!

    cool interview and he’s a damn good fighter. i’d like to see him fight some of the better guys in his division though. woodley and daley should be at the top of his list for future opponents imo.

  • Diaz is real as they get

    “I dont want to take anymore Robbie Lawler punches”

    damn if only Chuck Liddell would have had that type of attitude he might still be fighting

  • So why is Diaz not in UFC again? Contract, Attitude or because hes a Pothead? I mean damn if hes looking for that Payday obviously he needs to be in the UFC. The man is a top ten fighter in his weight class and with GSP moving to Welterweight here soon I could def see Diaz as a champ the UFC. I heard Dana saying in an interview he couldnt sign Nick for whatever reason, well Dana your reasonings can be quite wishywashy from a fan perspective..One thing that trips me out is he calls Brock a top te fighter and Qualified TUF coach because of his Wrestling, yet Overeem being argueably the pound for pound best striker is refuted by Dana as not being top ten..I love the sport, I guess I just dont understand Danas Business ethics

  • I may not have the best seats but i will be in the arena FIRED DA F#@K UP!!!!!

  • The interviewer was really high, it was probably Nick’s friend lol

  • Or dealer…

  • I remember when mayham miller was interviewing nick back in the day and he pretended to fall asleep while diaz was talking, ****in hilarious

  • lol! got too love diaz! rite too the point ! just a simple man!

  • ” Hit him with all your love Nick” no h0m0

  • “Can I ask you about your opponent.. hamm hammm.”
    That’s all the interviewer said the whole time.


  • “…you know….” x74 during that interview

  • you dont wanna take no more robbie lawler punches, that ain’t good for your head. lol