In the wake of Nate Diaz's TKO loss to Josh Thomson at UFC on Fox 7, the Stockton Scrapper has expressed his interest in moving back to Welterweight-much to the dismay of Dana White. The loss on Saturday marked the first time Diaz had been finished in the UFC.

Diaz has also stated that he feels the UFC should add more weight classes, taking to Twitter to make the argument public:

Now whether you are a Diaz fan or not, you have to admit the guy has a point. With more weight classes guys would fight at more of a natural weight, so cuts wouldnt be so severe, we would have more champions and it would enable more fighters to get jobs. Diaz has compiled an 11-7 record since winning TUF, including a 2-2 record at Welterweight.

Personally I think Diaz is more suited to a lower weight class where his height and reach are more of a factor, but Diaz doesn't see it that way. The fact remains that if Diaz makes the move to 170lbs. he surely can't have any title aspirations there. His older and similarly skilled brother Nick recently fell short against GSP and I can't see it going much differently against Nate.

I guess Nate probably feels like his time at 155 is up considering his own unsuccessful title attempt against Bendo. So where should Diaz go from here? Could he be a 168lb. Champion? Stay tuned to Lowkick!