Munoz Talks 185: His Win & The Future

Munoz Talks 185: His Win & The Future


“Fight Hub TV” stopped by “Team Reign’s” training facilities in Orange County, California this week and caught up Mark Munoz, post his victory over Tim Boetsch and ahead of his October 29th bout with Michael Bisping.

“The Filipino Wrecking Machine” said of his match with Boetsch, that he felt no ring-rust and that what he wanted out of the bout was for people to see that he has “improved” , the shape that he was in and that he “just want people to see how different I was, ya know, from when I fought Weidman the first time, that’s it.”

He said of beating on Boetsch, “dang this guy is tough.” That Tim took it and kept coming, but he knows “The Barbarian” must have been hurting the next day as a result of the pounding. For his part, Munoz hurt his hand giving the beating and is taking a couple of weeks off in order to allow the swelling to go down.

Munoz believes that his win has pushed him higher in the 185 ranks (he’s up 2 spots to #6), but that he’s a win away from being able to “legitimately” ask for a title shot.

In terms of his next fight, his preferences were either Bisping or Belfort and that it would be an honor to fight either, but honour aside, he feels he can easily beat both. As he has drawn Bisping (October 26th in Manchester), his assumption on the issue will soon enough be put to the test.

In terms of the new middleweight champion, the Filipino Wrecking Machine says that he’s ready for a title shot and that he knows that he “can beat Chris Weidman and he can roll his eyes however he wants, because he rolled his eyes at the press conference, but hey, I know I can beat him.”

In making the statement, one can’t help but notice how much Mark sounds like Chris in terms of confidence and you can’t help but wonder what a re-match might look like.

On the issue of his good friend Anderson Silva and (now) not having to fight him as a result of Silva’s loss to Weidman and whether or not Munoz was at least happy with the outcome of the bout from that point-of-view, Mark stated:

“Yes, there was that thought process, because Anderson is my friend, man, you know, I don’t want to fight him…. I know his perspective about that, I know his mentality about that, he doesn’t want to fight his friends and I respect that, but at the same time I want to become Champion, too, so when Chris Weidman won, bet, I’m going to be asking for that fight.”

On that note, Mark may well get his wish. All he needs to do now is beat Bisping and hope that Weidman beats Silva again and it could well be a done deal. That said, there still is the issue of Vitor Belfort and his title aspirations that must be dealt with and “The Phenom” is not apt to let go of his dreams, easily.  

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  • enjoylife321

    I wonder who in the middleweight division will be on standby if either Anderson or Weidman gets injured leading up to the fight?

    Weidman vs Munoz 2 is a fight I definetly want to see.

    • Brian Cox

      Enjoy, my guess would be that the promotion would elect to ride out the injury and wait. As great as Weidman / Munoz would be, there's too much cash on the table for Weidman / Silva II to allow the fight to slip away.

      Also, there would be the issue of Vitor Belfort. I fail to see how they could give the nod to Mark over Vitor.

      I'll say this though, I've believed in Mark for a long time and the guy I saw in the ring against Boetsch and the guy I see in this interview, is a focused and motivated guy and sounds like Weidman, when he speaks about what is possible. I love the guy. I'd be torn in a fight between the two. For the record, I was rooting for Mark in his fight with Chris, but Weidman so owned him, that I became an immediate and permanent fan. I though, anyone who could maul Mark like that, was the real deal. I'm still impressed with how Chris completely dominated Mark in that bout.

      • enjoylife321

        The only person in striking distance of a title shot is Belfort….The UFC are doing a disservice to Vitor and the fans by not addressing where he is at.
        I'd prefer if they just set it in stone and said next or 1 more win to put the dudes mind at ease.
        I can't see Weidman/Silva 3 happening with an immediate title shot.
        How do you eclipse the first and second fight. If Anderson wins noone is going to be saying he got lucky. They will just call it finished business.

        • Brian Cox

          I'd say if Anderson demolishes Weidman that there will be no 3rd fight. If it's close….Weidman / Silva III, will happen.

          My guess on this, is that the PPV numbers will be above 1 million buys; perhaps well above. If that turns out to be the case and it's a close fight, we'd have to put nail through Dana's head to stop it.

          Money and a close fight, will determine whether or not Weidman / Silva III happens. That's my view of it, at any rate.

          If so, then VB could be on the shelf for a year+. :-(

          • enjoylife321

            If SIlva wins its not good for the middleweight division because he will be back picking and choosing his opponents and taking long delays IMO. The ten fight deal was nothing more than a way at securing a highly paid end of career contract knowing he was on his way out. Silva knew if he signed a three fight deal and suffered a couple of losses he would be in a bad position to negotiate big contracts.

          • Brian Cox

            I think I'd agree with that right across the board. I believe you are correct, my man and on all counts.

  • enjoylife321

    Munoz's performance against Boetsch was more impressive than an unserviced jeepney with bald tyres passing a roadworthy.

  • GianGiacommo G

    They keep talking about Munoz,Bisping,Belfort,yes they are all in the mix but let's not forget about Jacare,I don't know if he was a fight lined up or not but let's not forget about him.

  • IChokePeople

    Bisping is a bad match for Munoz.