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Mousasi: King Mo will pay for his comments inside the cage


War of Words between Gegard Mousasi and Muhammed “King-Mo” Lawal heats up. Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion reacted to King Mo’s disrespecting comments by stating that the 6-0 wrestler “will pay for his words inside the cage”:

“Lawal has a lot of confidence, but I think that he will pay for his words inside the cage. Each time he opens his mouth I get more motivation to train for our fight. His comments are sometimes pathetic; I bet that he is looking at himself in the mirror for a couple of hours every day.

Maybe if someone knows him in person he is a good guy, but he is always arguing about something. All I hear from him is blah blah blah, and that is basically why I do not like him.”

Gegard Mousasi is currently on a 15-fight winning streak, with a brutal Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Title victory over the veteran Renato Babalu Sobral eight months ago. In fact, only 2 of Mousasi’s 30 bouts went to the judges decision (against Hector Lombard and Dong Sik Yoon). Twenty-four year old Mousasi gave his predictions for the fight against Lawal:

“He is so confident because of his unbeaten record. I would like to see his reaction when I hit him, and how he will continue to fight after that. I have a lot of confidence in my jaw and my Ground-and-Pound abilities, because I know that the fight will probably go to the ground. Lawal should be prepared for pain, because I will defiantly try to submit him.”

King Mo and Gegard Mousasi are set to square off at Strikeforce on CBS event on April 17th. However, the Strikeforce management did not release an official statement regarding the fight card of evening just yet, making wildfire rumors to spread all over the internet.

  • Mousasi would beat him…err sorry Kermit the Frog would beat him

  • BUUUUUUURRRRNNN! really cxant stand king mo’s arrogant attitude, really wtf is he king of?????

  • Mousasi –like Fedor, GSP, Cain, and few other greats of the sport– doesn’t usually engage in the psychological game of trash-talking. He does all the talking in the cage…King Mo has never met someone of Mousasi’s caliber. I hope Mousasi will lend him his first crushing defeat, if only to give him a lesson in humility…I expect this fight to be a war, though. Mo is no joke!

  • I think Mousasi is in for a real fight but will still win this. King Mo’s just the new Rampage.

  • king mo will die

  • is the fight offical yet? if not strikeforce better hurry up and make it offical, this is one of the fights i hve been looking forward to ever since the rumors started, we’ll see if king mo is for real or not

  • for sure…down with MOtormouthMo

  • Mousai will be Rampage’s favorite fighter after this haha

  • lol ya, i would love to see rampage fight king mo, they both hate eachother so it would be a sick fight

  • War Kermit !

    I like mousasi ,but this joke from king mo was funny !

    But i hope mousasi will KO kin mo

  • king mo pleaseeeeeeee…

    dont fight that match, it will be very embarrising…

  • Cant wait for this fight … First round Sub/tko for Mousasi !