Well, it's over. Another epic career done, another legend retires and another chapter in MMA finally comes to a close.

Finishing his career with the second most wins and fights in MMA history next to Travis Fulton (Look that guy up!), Dan Severn exits the sport with a crazy record of 101-19-7. The former two-time All-American wrestler at Arizona State University will be forever remembered for his epic battle with Royce Gracie at UFC 4, his rebound win at UFC 5, his huge suplexes, his gorilla like physique and his trademark mustache.

Recently making the announcement via his official website, "The Beast" had the following to say:

"Father time is telling me it’s time to let go. I have learned over time that the only constant factor is change. It will happen, and there is nothing we can do to stop it, so smile, hold on, and embrace it for all that it has to offer and hopefully you too will have the ride of your life! Happy New Year!”

Severn added that he had been trying to setup rematches with former fight legends Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock and Mark Coleman, but had no luck in doing so.

He also stated that he will continue his professional wrestling career through 2013 and then finally put his body to rest, but will continue on with his appearances, seminars and participation in Law Enforcement.