It’s no secret that Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate are rivals; the two have a history in and out of the cage. Ever since Tate’s failed attempt at Rousey’s Strikeforce title in 2012, the heat between the two has risen to boiling point.

The recent season of The Ultimate Fighter, which was the first mixed gender edition, showcased the animosity between the two top Bantamweights. Drama and tears galore led to one of the most storied seasons of the show, and they will finally settle their beef at UFC 168. Tate recently spoke at the UFC 168 media conference call, to give her opinion on the bout:

"There's a lot of weaknesses in her game," Tate said at Tuesday's UFC 168 media teleconference. "I think a lot of people build Ronda up to be this invincible person and there's no way she can be beaten, but I don't see it that way at all. I see a lot of holes in her game, and I see a lot of ways that she can be exploited.”

An age old tale in MMA is the challenger knowing the weakness in the Champion’s game; sometimes they prove it, and a lot of the time they don’t. Tate feels that she will fall in the category of the ones that do:

“ Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it's not going to happen. I'm going to do something different on the 28th than anyone else has done. There's holes in there, you saw it, I saw it. I don't think it needs any explanation, they're there to be taken advantage of."

It will certainly take a lot to beat a fighter the calibre of Rousey, especially when you consider that going to the mat with ‘Rowdy’ will pretty much end the fight for you. Tate continued:

"I don't want to just win this fight, I want to win this fight," Tate said. "I want to finish this fight and I think that it's one thing we can probably agree on. I'm sure she feels the same way. That's how I know it's going to be an amazing fight. Every day that I go into my training, I know that we're both fighting for that same common interest. We want to beat the hell out of each other, we want to finish the fight, we don't want a decision, I don't want a decision. I'm motivated."

I would be very interested to see if Tate can offer anything more than the last time the two fought, and whether these ‘weaknesses’ have been polished over and improved on by Rousey. Whatever the case, beef is being squashed on December 28th, and lets hope it lives up to the billing.