Miesha Tate Looking For More Money, But Not A Quick Turnaround

Miesha Tate Looking For More Money, But Not A Quick Turnaround


UFC bantamweight Miesha Tate is a seven year veteran of the sport, stands a professional record of 14 – 5, and this past April culled her first senior circuit win with a unanimous decision victory over Liz Carmouche at UFC on Fox 11: Werdum vs. Browne.

Now 1 – 2 in the brand, the former Strikeforce champion and UFC title challenger believes that her value in the promotion has risen, and as such, “Cupcake” wants to “get paid more.”

Tate has one fight left on her contract and when time comes to renegotiate – something the UFC prefers to do prior to assigning a fighter their last contracted bout – the No. 3 ranked contender will be looking for an increase in her current rate, which, for the record, was 28K show and 28K win for her Florida bout with Liz Carmouche.  

As Tate noted to MMAFighting.com, she thinks she’s worth more.

Her words:

“I do want to get paid more, of course. I think my stocks’ gone up a lot since fighting in the UFC. I think the contract that transpired when I was still in Strikeforce, transitioning to the UFC, doesn’t reflect what I feel like I’m worth. So that’s a whole process that has to happen.”

In terms of Tate believing that her stock has risen, it probably has. However, her value to the promotion probably has a great deal more to do with Tate’s appearance on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 and her press garnering feud with division champion Ronda Rousey, then it does a single win over Liz Carmouche.

As to when “Cupcake” might climb back into the ring and run out her contract, Tate stated that she’s in no rush to do so. To the point, she’s currently ignoring a call out from division rival and No. 5 ranked Sarah Kaufman. However, Tate is not currently interested in avenging her 2009 Strikeforce loss to “SK.”  

As Tate commented:

“She’s definitely someone that I’m interested in fighting because I did lose a 29-28 back in the day when women’s MMA was still only allowed to fight three, three-minute rounds. Definitely, she’s someone I have on my radar. I’m just not looking to make a quick turnaround and fight next month, for instance.”

However, and even if a rematch with Kaufman were to be offered to Tate for the end of the summer, the fight that “Cupcake” really wants is with – the all but retired – Gina Carano. As Tate sees it, if Carano comes back she should have to earn her shot at champion Ronda Rousey by going through her (Tate) first, and not simply by being handed a title fight.

Happily, with Carano’s old Strikeforce contract expiring next month, and serious negotiations with the UFC expected to quickly follow, Tate may soon find out whether or not she’ll be Carano’s senior circuit welcoming committee, or just an audience member watching Carano work off five years of ring rust against the best female fighter on the planet.

Photo coutesy of Miesha Tate


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