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CM Punk’s Rumored Opponent Predicts First Round Finish


The internet has been buzzing about Micky Gall, who might be the opponent for former WWE star and now UFC fighter CM Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, in his UFC debut.

In case, you missed the story, Gall, a 1-0 fighter from New Brunswick, N.J., caught UFC President Dana White’s attention after his fight that will be airing on White’s reality series, “Dana White: Looking for a Fight,” because he called out Punk. White is now “interested” in the newcomer. Gall quickly submitted his opponent in his professional debut and made the most of the attention.

Gall explained when speaking to FOX Sports in a special segment recorded on the SFLC podcast on Wednesday that he would finish Punk in the first round.

“I finish CM Punk. I’m not sure if I knock him out, or I submit him, but I think it ends, and I think it ends in the first round,” Gall said. “I’m supremely confident. I think I’m made for this fight, it’s a dream opportunity. I did think I’d get to the UFC one day but didn’t think it would happen this quick, but I’m extremely ready. If this comes to fruition, I’ll be a happy man.”

According to Gall, he knew that he was going to call out Punk at the event because that’s the only fight that would get him in the UFC with such a limited MMA experience.

“I planned it out the moment I got off the phone with Frankie Perez, and he told me Dana White was going to be at the fight. It was so obvious to me. That’s the only guy in the UFC I could call out. Who am I going to call out?Robbie Lawler? No, CM Punk,” Gall said.

“They needed somebody with a light record, he’s 0-0, I knew I was going to be 1-0 after my fight, and I needed to make the most of that opportunity.”

Most think that Punk fight at UFC 200 for various reasons. For one, it will be the UFC’s biggest show of 2016. Also, the UFC believes that Punk will be a big draw for them on PPV and thus would pop a big buy rate for them.

The UFC has yet to confirm this fight.