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Michael Bisping says Vitor Belfort is a hypocrite, wants one-punch KO


Currently one of the top contenders for the UFC Heavyweight title, Michael “The Count” Bisping, once again spoke about his negative feelings towards this weekend’s opponent – Vitor Belfort.

Bisping accused Belfort of hypocrisy, claiming that the Brazilian legend is using double standards in everything related to performance enhancing drugs and testosterone-boosting products. According to Bisping, Belfort’s recent comments about TRT indicate that “he’s on it”:

“With that said, I’m still expecting them to boo me on Saturday night. But a lot of people are saying to me, ‘F— Vitor! Kill that motherf—er!’ Seriously, I’ve got it on video of them chanting it at the mall yesterday. But yeah, I’m still expecting to get booed, of course.” – MMAjunkie.com

The Count is currently 23-4 in his MMA career, losing only to Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, Rashad Evans and Wanderlei Silva inside the Octagon. UFC President Dana White stated on numerous occasions that if Bisping leaves the Octagon victorious on Saturday night, he will finally reach his goal of challenging Anderson Silva for the undisputed UFC Middleweight title.

Bisping seems up to the occasion. Talking about his prediction for the fight, The Brit expects it to go to distance, but still wants a one-punch KO that he’s been craving for since his first fight inside the Octagon:

“As fights go on, I generally get stronger, even in sparring. Don’t get me wrong, though. I can finish this guy in the first round as well. I know I haven’t had the one-punch knockouts or whatever in the UFC. I’ve had plenty in my career before the UFC, but I had them before the UFC. So who knows, you could see that Saturday night. But if I were to predict? Third- or fourth-round TKO.”

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  • I don't like him but in some way he say the truth…

    • They both are doing a good job at selling this fight, Bisping especially

      • im not a fan of the count outside the ring, but he brings it everytime!

        war vitor

  • Michael Bicthping wants one-punch KO, where you go sir:


    • Whahahah…..Exactly what i was thinking off.

  • vitor will knock him out!

  • Bisping will win by Decision

    • He looks awfully small for a Heavyweight lol

      • I saw that typo also, but decided to roll past it.

    • Its a no-brainer that Vitor's got the advantage on the ground and the feet. Cardio is the only question, and I think he will have addressed that.

  • If it's an early stoppage – Belfort.
    If it goes past the third – Bisping

    May the best Brazilian win. 🙂

  • I really hope to see Bisping win as he is one of the few MWs with the style to give Silva a decent fight IMO.

    • azzkika

      gsp should man up and give silva a decent fight IMO

      • @ One More Crappy Post

        As you are always ranting on about how GSP sucks and how he's so boring, could you please explain how it would be possible for him to give Silva a decent fight?

        Do you not see the error of your logic on this issue? How can he suck on the one hand, yet give Silva a decent fight, on the other?

        • @mma truth

          in all honesty gsp will only give silva a decent fight on paper.
          not my opinion but everyone elses..

          in the cage it will be man slaughter

          • @ One More Crappy Post

            Your opinion was / is…"gsp should man up and give silva a decent…..(wait for it OMCP)….IMO". In My Opinion.

            Now, you're trying to state that it's not your opinion. That it's the opinion of "everyone else".

            I've said this to you before OMCP…think, son. Think. If you need to get some Lego blocks, or an etch-a-sketch pad or take your socks off and use your toes, fine, but THINK before you click "send".

            I wonder if all Silva sycophants are this thick.

            Hey, you know myself and Hunter-B are sacrificing your LowKick Membership on an MMA alter on April 20th, for UFC on Fox 7? Yes, sorry, but we decided that the termination of your LowKick membership was an alms worth paying, to ensure that the card went off without a hitch and was entertaining. Sorry, but we have to do, what we have to do. We hope you will understand.

      • Silva should man up fight JJ at his natural weight

  • The Count can get a KO, but sleeping pills might come up as a dirty drug test.

  • Heavyweight?!

    Cain vs Bisping. Good luck Michael, here's a pillow

  • One punch KO….. Dream on UK Boy.

    Rashad Evans also beat Bisping in his UFC career……minor point…..

    So did Hamill, but we won't go there…….

  • I used to think Bisping wasn't too impressive but I have to admit he has vastly improved in the last year or two. With that said he still isn't near Anderson's level and has absolutely no chance to beat him. He will beat Vitor though.

  • My prediction is Vitor catches him then submits him when it goes to the ground. You heard it here first.

  • I know it was just an error by Anton but for anyone reading who doesn't know, Bisping has also lost to Rashad Evans.

    • Read through the comments to make sure no one had already stated hits but someone I missed cagerage saying it, woops.

  • I just think Bisping is going to profit from this fight taking now and not 2 years ago… this being a 5 rounder works in his favour BIG time.

    This is how I think the fight goes down per rounds:
    Vitor's chance of winning while still in the first – 70/30
    In the second – 55/35
    In the third – 25/75
    in the fourth and fifth – 15/85

    Bisping is like Cain, Nick Diaz and a few other select fighters – the longer the fight goes they fight better, not just because they can wear down and out cardio 90% of their opponents but also because they start getting used to their timing and tendencies, you can see them adapting as the fight progresses with better head movement and landing more of their own.
    After the first round it becomes much harder to beat these type of fighters.

    Unfortunately Vitor is the opposite, Mike Tyson-esque – he's most dangerous right from the get go, coming out with a blast of power and ferocity.

    This is a fun and interesting fight to see who's game plays out the better as they are complete opposites in pacing terms.

  • How do yall not see in the post, it does say he lost to rasheed evans

  • The Brit expects it to go to distance, but still wants a one-punch KO that he's been craving for since his first fight inside the Octagon

    Yea like the one Dan Henderson got him with……that never gets old. Idk I kinda hope he wins so Anderson can mop the octagon with his ass.

  • Yes, you little teabag, you will get KTFO with one punch!

  • i have never been a bisbing fan, but seeing silva put him to sleep would be nice to see. it would also be nice to see belfort put him to sleep….