Middleweight contender Michael “The Count” Bisping recently sat down to write a pre-fight blog via Yahoo Sports regarding his upcoming fight against Vitor Belfort, and as always had some very interesting yet somewhat harsh things to say.

Bisping touches upon many things, including Vitor’s dodgy answers regarding TRT, while also reiterating his own personal opinions regarding the treatment, citing it as a “Legal form of cheating”.

He also mentions Vitor’s apparent two-faced behavior in the media leading up to the fight, which he related to that of the “Real Housewives”. He also voices frustrations with Vitor’s apparent over-use of illegal strikes to the back of the head, and finally also shares this somewhat strange piece of information, including some much expected Bisping-style trash talk:

Vitor has one or two rounds to beat me – or try to hit me behind the head – and then his gas tank will be empty and the fight will look like that Rocky vs. that dead cow.

I’m going to force him to fight at a pace he couldn’t even fight at in his early 20s. He’s going to be miserable in there.

A fan tweeted me a link to Vitor in some Brazilian reality TV show, a clip where he's in a bath kissing someone's feet. It was pretty fruity stuff but, if he enjoyed sucking toes, he's going to have the time of his life on January 19 because I'm going to kick him in the face all night long.

For more check out Bisping's original blog posting at Yahoo Sports.