Top-ranked UFC Middleweight Michael "The Count" Bisping shared thoughts about his future in the UFC, claiming that victory over Vitor Belfort in Brazil could earn him a title shot. Bisping revealed he considers Belfort as the toughest opponent in the UFC Middleweight division, except Anderson Silva, adding that he's not interesting waiting for "The Spider" in case the Ultimate Fighting Championship decide to promote the superfight with Georges St. Pierre.

"Anderson has had an amazing career. We all know that. And a big fight with GSP, a lot of people want to see it. So I can see the bigger picture. Of course it's frustrating. I'm not an idiot, I can see the reasons why they want to do that. Obviously the pay-per-views would be astronomical, I would assume. Anderson, GSP, the UFC are all going to make a lot of money. And so, listen, I'm not bothered, really, too much. I know I'll get my shot eventually. I keep doing what I'm doing, I keep training, I keep improving, I keep winning fights, then I will get what I deserve eventually."