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Melvin Guillard Leaves Blackzilians, Not Welcome at Jackson’s


It would be a bit of an understatement to say that Melvin Guillard was going through a torrid time lately. ‘The Young Assassin’ is 1-4 in his last five, riding a two fight losing skid and may have trouble finding a camp for his next fight.

Guillard confirmed his parting with The Blackzilians, with whom he had gone 1-3 in his last four, via Twitter earlier this week:


It would seem that Guillard’s smiley faces may have been premature, with MMAJunkie reporting that a source close to the Jackson camp said “He’s not allowed back here.”

This leads me to wonder whether Team Jackson’s response may stem from two alleged aggravated battery charges that Guillard is facing in Bernalillo County (N.M.). Guillard could potentially serve up to 12 months prison time.

It is a great shame as Guillard was once considered one of the top lightweights on the planet. Dana White recently spoke about the troubled knock out artist:

“I’ve known Melvin for a long time, since ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ and I always thought he was a very talented guy and just never lived up to his potential,” White said. “He was out there not doing all the right things to become the great fighter that he had the potential to be.”

I personally hope to see Guillard back again fighting in the UFC soon, but I suppose that hinges on his pending April trial, and whether he can find a training camp. Is Jackson’s treatment of Guillard fair? Surely everyone deserves a second chance right?


  • It might be totally unfair of me to say this but while I hope the charges aren't true, the way Melvin fights (wild, spontaneous attacks that can leave him in bad positions) is the only thing us fans have to judge him on and I wouldn't be surprised if like he did somehitng crazy in a bar without thinking then instantly regretted it.
    I 100% hope this isn't true though.

  • I wonder if this falls through or after the case, will Jackson's take him then? I always thought he fought so much better when training out of there.

    If not, will he go back to Blackzillians? I imagine it would be extremely awkward with him tweeting that he's "going back to where I belong".

    It's a shame too, Blackzillians just got a new boxing coach to replace Mario Sperry, Pedro Diaz. Amazing young coach who has done a lot of work with Cotto and other huge names in the past

  • So much promise, so little pay-off.

    For a guy that many picked to be a Champion, one day, Melvin has failed to deliver at virtually every critical junction. Sadly, like a number of quality fighters, Melvin seems to be his own biggest enemy. Whether or not it's a chip on his shoulder, over confidence or a lack of focus, Melvin is and has always been, the only one that prevents and has prevented, his career from being far more than it is or has been.

    Talent and athleticism are only parts of the formula. The young assassin needs to work on the rest of the formula, as he is soon to be 30 (end of this month) and no longer, that young.

  • @Truth. You're right. While he still seems to possess just as much athletic and raw ability as he ever has. If he doesn't do the right things now, he will lose that chance for greatness and go over the hill. It would be incredible if he ever got his head on straight. On top of all the ability and athleticism, I always thought he was one of the very biggest lightweights we have ever seen. And I'm sure is right up there with his strength as well. He could have been the Jon Jones of lightweights if he had been mentally right, back when he was 21 and 22. Maybe he would have been even better.

    • @ Chael

      Yeah, I wouldn't disagree. Maybe he has or could have had the same tools as Jones and been a 155 version of JJ, however, regarding the mental game, he's no John Jones. It's not too late to turn it around, but, as you noted, he's getting a little long in the tooth. If there ever is a "now", then it's now.

  • haha owned