Gilbert Melendez vs. Diego Sanchez Added To UFC 166

Gilbert Melendez vs. Diego Sanchez Added To UFC 166


The UFC announced today that Gilbert Melendez and Diego Sanchez have been added to the UFC 166 card (Velasquez / Dos Santos 3), which is set for October 19th in Houston.

“El Nino” is coming off a split-decision loss to lightweight division champion Ben Henderson and a fight that many thought he had won. In turn, “The Dream” is coming off a split-decision win over Takanori Gomi and in what was Sanchez’s most recent foray into the 155 division.

On the face of it this would seem to be a tough fight for Sanchez. Melendez is a very well rounded fighter, has both good stand-up and ground games and is a former Strikeforce lightweight champion. Sanchez on the other hand has a tenacious ground game, decent stand-up, a whole lot of aggression and is as tough as they come. In 29 professional fights the Dream has only been stopped once (BJ Penn TKO 2009). Offsetting that is the fact that Melendez himself hasn’t been stopped in 24 professional bouts, either.

As both are bangers, this could well end up being fight-of-the-night. Particularly, Melendez is the type of fighter that will bring out the best in Sanchez and that could well mean adding another FOTN bonus to the 5 Diego already has. For the record, there are only 3 other fighters in UFC history who have more (1) FOTNs’ (Chris Lytle, Sam Stout & Frankie Edgar).

The announcement of their bout adds yet another good match to an already promising card, as a Lombard / Marquardt fight was announced and added to the event yesterday.

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  • David Saucier

    Def a beef fight with Sanchez and the scrap pack

  • Ringo

    Dammmm! I'll expect some heavy firework.

  • InfiniteEnigma

    Diego looks like he has been tweeking in that cover photo, weight loss and facial scabs, lol.

    • Brian Cox

      The pic is from an interview post the Gomi fight.

  • chael4president1

    HEEEELLLLL YEAH!! Diego wasn't really stopped by BJ Penn though. He ate the kick in the forehead and it left a gigantic cut and they stopped the fight. I always loved BJ Penn but I still consider Diego to never have been stopped. Sanchez is awesome. Maybe my favorite fighter of all time. That's one guy that you know will keep trying until the fat lady sings.

    • Brian Cox

      Chael…you have all that right on Sanchez. He's an awesome fighter and one of my favorites. I love the guy. There is not quit in that kid.

      To this day, I still think the greatest fight I've ever seen has to Sanchez / Guida. That fight was non-stop entertainment from both fighters. Even though Diego won, there really was no loser. I loved that fight. Wow, if they could only all be that good.

      • David Saucier

        The first fight I ever saw from Diego was his vs Nick Diaz. I was a fan instantly, up until he changed his fighting style and became religious weirdo. Im still a fan and enjoy his fights but he fell out of my top 3 favorite fighters.

  • Plexomatic


  • Mike Drahota

    Awesome fight

  • Entity

    Glad to see Sanchez back in the mix, been wondering when he's be back. This will be awesome if no-one gets injured before the fight.

    • Entity

      I must be tired, my typing is full of "tpyos"